What a journey it has been so far. I have decided to start posting again after having a break for a while. Today I smashed my record for number of Back bend techniques in training 142, I beat my record for 10 Back Walkovers in a row 45.6 seconds and also did my best on my crab techniques which are constantly opening my back up more. Also did the best with the beam Back Walkovers with a total of 48 done and the quality is getting better and better. I need to get both hands together directly side by side all the time but I am getting closer to doing Back Walkovers on the beam. I will get there.

My broken collar bone is healing nicely and I can only really feel it now when doing pushups. I am back to doing 100 or more every day and so far in the last 160 days have done over 10500 pushups. I have a way to go because I want to get to 36,500 pushups by the end of 365 days. I think I will be able to get there.

My body is feeling amazing and watching the back break all these records tells me I am still not at my peak yet and can keep getting better. I have broken records continuously over the last 10 days and I have another 20 days before I go to the UK. Wonder where I will be by then.

Looking forward to training with coach again soon and seeing how I can apply all these breakthroughs to the results I am getting. Going to start filming a lot more to as this journey is so amazing it is great to have a record of it. A big part of it is stamina and as I keep lengthening out the techniques like making 10 Back Walkovers become 20 back walkovers it further conditions the back that what I do is normal. My goal is to get to the point I can do Back Walkovers anywhere without warming up. At that point. Watch out world.

Glad I could share this with and promise not to be away so long next time. Go Heroes!!!!