Inching Forward…

I am still adjusting time zones and while I got seven hours in bed, I was awake a lot of the night and not getting the deep rest my body needs. I go to LA Fitness and after a quick warmup I went to work on my slinkies now that I no longer need to do warm up bridges. This only started a week ago and I am now working up to doing multiple slinkies as part of initial set. The first one took me double to kick over which was frustrating and so did the second. For the third I went for it and did a pentaslinky and jsut was short of a sexto slinky. This is a huge step forward and really showing me the great conditoning my back has been going through.

Next I did three perfect combo (FLKO, Slinky, BWO, FLSU, Stick) followed by doing some Upslinkies (L-2) onto the two panel mat. I did 5/5 and only one required a double kick. This is getting back to where I was at the end of December before I broke a rib.  Next job is to work on going onto the 3 panel mat and when I get there I will be back to where I was before the break. Hmmm.

I went down to train with coach. Still a little tired. Coach arrived and I was asleep in the car. I started work with him on Back Walkovers on beam and it is just conditioning and conditioning. We did about 24 of them before moving on but everyone I do strengthens me. In May I will be making huge progress on the beam because of all the work I will be doing while I am in England.

We then went to work on bars and did some Ok work with lots of focus on Clear Hips. I did my best Clear Hip to date and got a clearer distinction on the cast with the focus of bringing the ankles to the beam. Progress. Small Progress but I’ll take it.

Next we went to to Back Handspring and it is frustrating that it is taking me so long to do this on the floor. It is such a basic technique but I will keep chipping away at it. Finally we went to work on beam. We did some basics before working on handstands and dismounts on the high beam. After a while of mediocre results coach put me back on the lower beam and setup the mats around it. I started nailing the handstands and hitting the position. There is a place where you get locked in  a handstand where you are so balanced you cannot move. I hit my first lock on the beam.

So lots of progress and looking forward tomorrow after more rest and care for my knee. Go Heroes!!

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Success With A Twist

I have been travelling again and went to Australia to meet some important researchers in Australia to assist me with rehabbing my shoulder. It is very frustrating because of the broken ribs I have to crunch through all the scar tissue every morning. I was stretching with a friend today and she was shocked when she could hear the muscles cracking and breaking apart as I stretched. We made great progress and I have some more stretching to do in a certain way which may help.

I arrived back yesterday and after going to the awesome Lady Gaga concert with Kenny my fiance I went to bed so I could train today. I only got four hours and it showed in my training this morning at LA Fitness. I am doing incredible breakthroughs in some areas epecially in the area of back flexibility.

When I arrived with coach, he asked me what I wanted to do. I said everything coach. We started on Vault and I was determined to get my Level 6 Vault trophy. Up until now I have done the vault but coach has been spotting. I needed to do three vaults without coach spotting in good form. It did not need to be perfect. That will come during May. Well I did it. Fantastic start to the day. Only challenge was I twisted my knee slightly on one of the landings. Then I did a lot of leaps and hops which puts pressure directly to that knee. It is a bit swollen and it stopped me tumbling which is a real shame. I was really looking forward to it.

I am so excited by the progress and I am making great progress on the Back Walkover due to all the back conditioning. Bars is going to be a long, gruelling path to get the Level 6 and Level 7 because so many core skills are developed in these levels.

I have more sessions with coach and then into heavy conditioning. When I come back from that stretch I am expecting Back Walkovers to start happening on the beam. I am so looking forward to being able to do Back Walkover and then back Handspring on the beam. So far to go but I can see it which is exciting.

Progress. I just need to protect my knee….Go Heroes!!!

Another Day in Paradise

I woke up today to another beautiful day in San Diego. I feel so blessed to live in this great city where our weather is so beautiful so often. I went down to LA Fitness and trained for 90 minutes before going to work with coach. I was able to kickover from my first bridge which was great and did two more before moving onto Upslinkies. Prior to Jan 1 when I rebroke a rib I was able to do 5/5 on the 2 panel mat and was getting 5/5 on the three panel mat. Since then I have not been able to get back to that same space. Today I was able to do 3/10 so I am getting there again and know I will get back soon enough. I also did some really smooth Back Walkovers. I also went to do some beam slinkies but they were just not strong as I felt twisted and actually crashed one time which is never good.

I then went to meet coach at Elite Gymnastics. We started working on Back Walkovers on the beam again. This skill is very exciting to me as it is the real beginning to advance beam routines and coach is wanting to do all the ground work for Back Handsprings because at some point I will be doing Back Handspring Series and Back Tucks on the beam. We spent our time focusing on getting faster to the mat and then straigtening the front leg. We took it back to the floor and made a lot of small improvements that will have a big impact. It is so important to get the technique so much clearer for when we are doing it on beam.

After that we went to work on Back Handspring. Our goal is to overcome my fear of this and get it in great form. I can do nice clean ones on the tumbl track but bend my knees on the floor. I did ten with constant correction and started getting it stronger and stronger. We are going to keep focusing on this until I have the confidence to do it at LA Fitness and then I will be able to make rapid progress. I am just not there yet. I have been looking forward to doing series and just not done it yet. This is now under a microscope as when I first learned it,  the ida of me doing it on the beam was not even on the horizon. It is now glaring as a flaw that needs to be corrected.

We then worked on Back Extension Roll which is getting better especially with the work around to assist my shoulder. We then followed it by working on Front Handspring. The final five of them were easily the best ever and this technique has really turned the corner and I know I will be able to carryh this through and get great results going forward.

We then shifted to bars and did an hours worth of work on Casting into Kips which are an integral part of the Level 6 Bars Routine. I was strugling and then coach added in an extra drill and that made a big difference. I was then inconsistent but did make some great techniques and got them on camera.

This was the end of this block and I will see coach again on Mar 29 which is 18 dayss away. By then my Back Walkovers should be even better and we can make great progress on everything. It is slow going but an incredible journey. I love every step and even though there are challenges I couldn’t think of doing anything else. I feel so blessed. Go Heroes!!

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Conditioning Builds Stamina

I have been working on my back flexibility now for two years to get it back in shape like it was a Junior Elite 9 years ago. It has been coming back gradually and at the moment I have whole new dynamic opening up in my middle back allowing me to do back Walkovers even easier. Over the conditioning I have been doing in recent months my back feels great. Coach and I are laying the ground work for Back Walkovers-Back Handspring on the beam. So today we did a total of forty back walkovers speeding up the back process of getting my hands to the ground. Love it so much.

We then sat down and had a discussion about our progression. We have been doing lots of different techniques but not focused on completeing the routines. We were working on some Level 5, some Level 6 and a handful of Level 7. Coach said Bobbie-Sue I think we need to focus on this Level 5 floor so we can move past it and be entirely onto Level 6. I think that is where this journey should go. Yes coach.  I was a little sad because I love doing more advanced techniques but also happy that we get to complete Level 5 Floor and then get that trophy and the all around. Level 4 Floor took me a long time to get through because of the back flexibility not being adequate.

There are three techniques that are really stopping me from doing a good level 5 Floor Routine and they are Back Walkover, Front Handspring and Back Extension Roll. Of these the Back Walkover is almost a given now and I just have to speed it up. The Front Handspring has been a challenge because it is where I hurt my knee so many times. We started working on that today and did it on the tumble track which was great. We went to the floor and I was struggling and coach suggested he put the springboard there. I suggested we didn’t need it to which he replied ‘We will be using the springboard Bobbie’. Of course we are. How dare I question my coach. My job is not to question it is to perform in excellence. Doubting the coach cost Aliya Mustafina Gold at the American Cup. We ended up making some huge progress and I think we are going to be able to blow through this soon enough and put this behind me especially with my back opening up so much.

We then went to Back Extention Roll andmade modifications to allow for the shoulder which was having problems and having doing some of them we went through the entire routine in preparations to compete it tomorrow.  Near the end coach said Ok lets to the Swing Kick, Back Walkover combination. Normally once my back has cooled down for an hour it takes 15 minutes of stretching to be able to get back into form. Well I stretched for 3 minutes and was able to do it again which means huge progress. So excited.

Overall was a great day and I love the way my body is responding and now so much more is going to start happening as I condition it more and more because Conditoning Builds Stamina!!! Go Heroes!!

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On the Verge…

Today was an incredible day working with coach. All the hard work I have been putting in outside the gym is starting to show up. On Friday coach said that he would consider taking away the mats for the vault this week. I went into this mornings session with the intent of having those mats removed. I came off from working our for an hour at LA Fitness and feeling my back get stronger and more consistent. I was able to do a kickover on my first bridge and then nail two more. It is awesome to know that the conditioning is making the back so flexible without need for stretching to do that. I can see a time when I will be able to do the stretching for three minutes and go straight into slinkies and bypass the bridges into kickovers.

I started doing the vaulting this morning and it took for three to really get it coming together and then I started nailing them. Lot of corrections along the way but coach said give me four good ones and I will take away the mats. I nailed those four in short order and the mats were taken and I started flipping it . This is a much higher vaulting table when I was flipping the Level 5 vault earlier. Level 6 is the same vault but on a much higher setting. I need it higher for when I start doing it with tucks and then go into Tsukaha where you are run to the vault and do a round-off-backhandspring and then do a back handspring into the table. This is part of the Level 8 vault but coach and are in discussions for later in the year. Loving this. I shouold be able to do the Level 6 vault without him this week and get my Level 6 Trophy. Awesome!!

I then went to bars and did a mediocre rotation. After that I went to tumbling on the floor. Four weeks since any tumbling so a bit rusty but great to be back on the floor tumbling. Will be going at it hard again tomorrow as well as Back Tucks as well. Body if sit and strong and coming together with the back opening up to be even more flexible.

Finally I did some work on handstands on the beam as part of the Level 6 Dismount. I easily did the best ones so far and any fear has gone now and I am loving attacking this technique. Something about faceplanting the beam was not appealing but the grip on the beam has gotten so much stronger now that the confidence is skyrocketing.

The BIG news is that coach has start talking aboit working on Back Handsprings on the beam now. This is a big step forward and to me where real beamwork starts. We are going to be starting on the floor but I am soo excited about this progress and this overcome my fear of doing standard back handsprings especially as my back is opening up more and more. Loving life and the progress and cannot wait for more… Go Heroes!!!

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Loving the Growth

  • I woke up excited this morning to go down to LA Fitness in Poway at 6am. I was there just as the doors opened (just like yesterday) and set to work. I warmed up my back doing a couple of Cobra stretches and then did my first bridge. It was incredible, straight into good form and I kicked over strong and clean. My fastest and strongest first kickover over. Shows how far I have come. I then did three of them all in great form. I then went and did a SextoSlinky (6 in a row) and they felt the best control I have ever had going back. They were really easy and I know I will be hitting Decaslinkies VERY shortly and the aim is to do Decas every morning.

I then did 3 beautiful Front Limber kickovers, followed by 5 Front Lumber Standups. Next was Back Walkover as part of my routine. The first were nto smooth at all but then it clicked and the next three were beautiful. I then decided to go for the elevated BWO. This is where the leg is raised up resting on some object and then leaning back with no suport from that leg. I will need this for the beam. While it is more scary as all the weight is on one leg, once you have that control you actually go over even smoothly so in effect I am now building up confidnce to let my back melt ad go rapidly to the ground. I will be working on this every day now so I can get my back walkover on the beam shortly.

I then worked on handstands and my beam handstands were the best ever. All the conditioning with Georgia on the mini beam allowed me to hold it vertical much longer than ever before. This is something I also get to work on every day to get these locked and solid as they bare a foundation skill. I also did my longest ever handstand walk with 16 steps. My goal is to walk at least 100 steps on a presidnged path including turns with perfect stability.

My priouettes were ok and then I went and did some weight training without my knee brace which is great for it. These all gave me personal bests and I finished up with stretching. I focused on forward splits both left and right as well as Sidesplits and although I am not near personal best i am doing great.

So excited about tomorrow and training again. Go Heroes.



  • Kickover – Fastest Ever with least pre stretching
  • BWO Air6- 5/5 and overcoming fear
  • Handstand (Beam) – Two counted to Z. Longest ever and in good form
  • Handstand (Walk) – 16 steps and getting more and more stable and distinctions
  • Pull Down – This works on the lat which I am working on
  •  Chest Press – Working on improving overall body strength


    Tension Building…

    I just came back from Australia. I had a chance to catch up with my friend Anne-Marie Telford and do trainings at her parents gym and also got to spend time with Frontier but it is getting harder and harder to justify training with Frontier as it is taking me away from working with coach too much.

    I arrived back and went to LA Fitness. I got to stretch and the body was in fine form. Kicked over on the first bridge which always tells me I am in good shape and then did a Pentaslinky effortlessly. Flowing, Pain free which is how I love them. I was able to do some upslinkies and FLKO and FLSU and will be doing Back Walkovers tomorrow. I then went to work with coach. SOOO great to be back in the gym. I did a gret vault rotation and we will be flipping it next week which means if I can stick three I get a Level 6 Vault Trophy. Yeah…. Then went to bars and did some great work on clear hip circles. Progress. Then rotated to beam and just did great work overall especially with handstands.

    Coach is very excited about the progress, especially on vault. Once I start flipping it regularly we then move to Front Handspring with full twist and Tsukahara where I run to the vault, do a Roundoff back handspring onto the table and then push off and Level 9 Vault is Tsukahara with back tuck. Supercool. He also had me focusing on some Level B and C skills for Level 8 and above today which is cool. Great to see where we are going.

    Lots of challenges to overcome but now I am back in San Diego I am preparing for some big things to happen.

    Loving Life. Go Heroes!!!