The Next Level

I have been training now for 3 years and 9 months and what an adventure it has been. Through the knee challenges, the broken ribs, the torn shoulder and the countless bumps and bruises. I have learned so much about myself and my body has changed so much. My back flexibility now blows me away and it keeps getting better. My best series of Back Walkovers was 25 in a row. My second best was 20 and I tied that today. My back is getting back to peak form AND it is more open than ever before. As I keep working on opening my abs and keep opening my shoulders I will get better and better and faster and faster.

One of my big goals at the moment is to get Back Walkovers on beam. It is something which seemed unfathomable when I started when I could barely do a bridge. After working through the bridges, the slinkies and now back walkovers I have progressed so far. What I love is that if I keep training the way I am training getting back walkovers on beam and then back handsprings on beam becomes INEVITABLE. I love that. Again it is a long journey but I am patient and every skill I get is a miracle.

Coach recently decided for me to flip my vault he wanted me to be coming off the 7 setting on the vault instead of the 5 so he raised the table and I began flipping over the Level 7 yesterday for the first time. I still have to get a lot more leverage ad be tighter but it is coming along.

Another big piece of exciting news is that coach and I finished mapping our my Level 6 Floor Routine. I love it. It an instrumental version of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. It lasts 1:25 and includes 6 eight counts of dance at the end including the paws up from Bad Romance. I love the whole feel of it and it is great to finally get a music piece to showcase my strengths. The Back Extension Roll is coming along. The Back Walkovers are 80% where they need to be and Front Handspring will get there.

Bars I am also making progress in linking the skills together. This has also been a low, laborious process but we can see light at the end of the tunnel and once this level is over I get to work on giants and layout dismounts. I love bars and need to increase my upper body strength even more to get to the level I want to be at.

Overall, I am blessed to be doing what I do. I train hard. I am committed and I know that if I continue to do what I am doing I will accomplish so much to me that is amazing. Living an incredible life. Go Heroes!!

Smashing It!!

What an amazing day. I have been waiting for a long day for this day to come and it finally arrived. I got to start work on my Level 6 floor routine. I have not completed Level 5 but made more progress today than I have in over 2 years. You see this level has been tough. One of the toughest things I have ever had to do. I have had three techniques that have caused me problems. Firstly Front Handspring. This technique in the past often involved me twisting my knee. The last time that happened was over a year ago but the memories linger. Today I did 10/10 with coach giving me a light spot. It is going to get to the point where coach will not need to spot me shortly and then I can own this technique.

Secondly is the Back Walkover. I have been doing them now for two years but there is a difference down in the gym as part of the routine and without shoes. Coach has been spotting me until today. I did 5/5 cleanly by myself and 5/5 as part of the routine. This is now anchored into my body and so can be checked off the list.

The third one is Back Extension Roll. This technique has been stuck for two years due to problems with my shoulder. I have had a pinched nerve and it was painful and recently VERY painful. This is where the title comes in. I met in Australia one of the most amazing massage therapists I have ever come across. He is way more than a massage therapist. His knowledge of the body puts him close to mastery. He gave Clinton and I 12 sessions in Australia. One every night. He dove deep and I mean deep into the armpit as he calls ‘Smashing It!!’ and let us say it was ‘mildly discomforting’ (his words) as you could tell by the tears rolling down my face and the breaths to release the stress. But the results speak for themselves. Today for the first time my hand turned. It was reactive versus proactive but that is more than it has for two years. Now I know I can get this technique and move past it.

As a result Coach had me start work on my Level 6 floor routine. As least the first part to it. I love the choreography he has put together. The song is Lady Gaga Born This Way and I love it. I cannot wait to see the rest of it as it unfolds. I love my custom routines.

On Monday I vaulted very well and my bars was exceptional. I am ready for lots of breakthroughs and now I can see them happening. I love this part of my training and look forward to sharing the great results. Go Heroes!!!