Back Into the Groove

I had been away for three weeks from training with coach in Australia and while I got to stretch and do some work at my friends gym it is not the same as working with him. I went back to training two days ago and started working on vault. My vault was quickly back to top form which is great and coach has me working on new drills to assist with blocking. I need to block a lot more to give me time to get the twist in before I land. I love the drill and I think it is going to make a big difference. I get to do a handstand on the tumble track and then immediately block 8 inches up onto a mat. At the moment I can barely do 4 inches.

After I went to floor and after a couple of ugly front handsprings I actually got to do my best first half of the floor routine. Coach is still spotting me so I need to keep doing it until I no longer need him. I have come a long way on this journey and that technique has been one of the biggest challenges in my life.

My bar routine was a disaster. Long Hang Kips are normally a piece of cake for me. I failed 5/5 and so we cut that short. Overall a solid day after a 21 day layoff.

Yesterday I went in and we started on floor. We mainly did tumbltrak because my knee was a little sore. I finally got into the groove again and will working on layouts again this coming week. My bar routine was great because I got to do baby giants and flyaways in the same session so I am progressing and before long will be doing them both in the second half of the bar routine.

Finally I ended up on bars where we were making great progress on jumps including tuck half into split. We also worked on tuck full into split slipt on the tumbltrak as well. So for 21 days away it ended up being great to be back in the groove and ready to finish off the year strong. 2012 is going to be an amazing year with so much progress expected. Giants on Bars, Back handsprings on beam, Tsukahara vault and a custom floor routine. Can’t wait!! Go Heroes!!