Knee Jerk Reaction

I finally had my rib feeling good again and with no pain and knee started playing up again. I have committed to get the sideways splits but it seems every time I focus on the splits my knee ends up playing up and I quit working on the splits. This time I am going to keep going until I get them but I need to be smarter about my knee. I have taped it and am going to be back wearing my brace while I am working on the splits so it does not slow me down. I have too much to work on to be slowed.

Recently I have been working on my twists. This is part of my Front Handspring vault with full twist and also will be part of my layout full. I am loving the twists. It is a very different feeling rotating in the two axis. The temptation is to pike or arch and pull yourself out of the tight twist but to do so only invites pain when you land as you will under rotate and under rotating while still twisting is never good any knee.

Yesterday I was working on 540 degree jumps as he realized that 540 degree jumps are the same as 540 degree pirouette handstands. It just gives us option for the routine. I did a couple and have a way to go but it will be possible.

I am back doing Round Off Back Handspring, Back Tuck on the tumble track and they were looking good and I was landing all of them. The key now is to get a much bigger punch up and then tuck because we want to get this back onto the floor shortly. Bars was terrible yesterday and I could just not kip correctly and only made 30% compared to my normal 95% kipping.

I am loving having Jamie-Lee training with me and watching her grow so quickly as well. She is exhausted each day. When I started I was doing 2 hours and built up stamina to go for 3 hours in the mornings, especially at 6:30am training sessions. I expect another great day because anything less would not be playing at the level I know I can. I am an Olympian Gold Medallist in spirit and one day in hand. Challenges are part of the step and with the knee ‘This too shall pass’. Go Heroes!!!

Catch a Break

I had an outstanding year in 2011 with almost no injuries and was able to train hard and make a lot of progress. On the morning before Christmas I was training and rebroke one of my ribs. A real pain. Christmas was very frustrating and moving at half speed and every time I moved it hurt. I spent a lot of Christmas wrapped up on the couch drinking hot chocolate and being nursed by by Mom and unwrapping presents. Kenny’s dad sent over a couple of nice presents for our new house we are getting. We have both committed not to get married until after the Olympics as I need to focus but we can’t wait.

After about four days I was back at the gym pushing harder and harder and then I got to train with coach and began twisting my vaults which was so exciting and an awesome present from coach. Soon after I got my longest ever handstand, best ever set of handstands, best Double Switch Stag handstand and lots of other results. I also started working on the slits and getting on the treadmill again and then the next day Jan 1 I hurt the joint again. I trained with coach this morning but was operating at about 60% but aggravated it even more. It felt like someone was punching me in the ribs and a small move could make me wince. I hate this feeling.

I have since seen Doc and been on my Amethyst Crystal bed which vibrates at a high level especially when heated and it has removed a lot of the pain. I have told coach to have the day off tomorrow and the plan is to come back on Thursday. I am going to be seeing Doc tomorrow and Wednesday as well. I want this behind me as I have so much to work on.

Today I was able to do my beam routine for the first time including the front tuck dismount. It is such a good feeling and even though I was falling on some of the techniques it is still a step forward. The front tucks have come a long way and I landed some really good ones and I know this will be a strength going forward.

Time to get more rest and get back to 100%. Pain is part of gymnastics so I will heal and move on. Looking forward to an amazing 2012. Go Heroes!!