GOLD: Blog of An Olympic Gymnast

Welcome to GOLD: Blog of an Olympic Gymnast. My name is Bobbie-Sue Numbawon and I am currently a senior at SDU and am Captain of the West Coast Heroes Cheerleading Team. We have won the National title three years running. I grew up doing gymnastics, cheer and dance and at the age of 14 I was an International Junior Elite and was travelling and competing around the world and on target to go to the Olympics however I made a dumb mistake and hurt mistake and made myself ineligible due to a career ending (or so I thought) knee injury.

After watching the girls I trained with as a Junior go onto win Gold in Beijing I was inspired. Nastia Luikin declared for London at age 19 the same age as me. I suddenly realized that if she could declare at that age then so could I. I made a decision that day that would change my life. I would recommit to competing for the USat he Olympics. The odds are so far stacked against me but I committed to it anyway.

Since then I have been back in training every single day. I was already in great shape as Captain of the Heroes so overall fitness was already excellent but I am going to tell you that Cheerleader fit is very different from Olympic Gymnast fit. It is really like four sports in one as each piece of apparatus is so different. Strength, Balance, Flexibility as a gymnast we need it all.

So this Blog is going to be tracking all my progress. I have my website located at where I have all my footage archived with my times with coach so feel free to check it out. Lots  more to come.

Lots of love,