When It All Goes To ‘@#$%#%^’

Woke up this morning at 3:20 and was at the gym by 4:20 ready to work out solidly in preparation for 3 hours with coach. My swollen foot (see previous post) has come down a lot and now it just plain hurts especially with a shoe scraping against the carpet burns on the top of it. Was excited to get down there and get more breakthroughs on my back flexibility and it appears my whole back is out of alignment again. I am currently working on my off side to get more symmetry but in doing so the body is having to move and twist in ways against how it is used to going. My shoulders are having to carry weight on pathways they have never had to do and so my body is getting out of alignment almost every time I train. Doc can adjust me easily and as soon as she does I tend to have an incredible day the next day as my body is at full flexibility and strength and ready to go.

I was expecting to have done my Level 4 Floor Routine by now but thanks to torso rotation and swollen foot getting in the way it STILL has not happened. When I was down there stretching it just wasn’t working. It was much harder the body was resisting the techniques. Now I have to tell you that even on a bad day I am still the most flexible person in the gym but I measure against my personal best because that is what matters to me. I am so used to having days where I get better that a day where I actually stay the same or worse is traumatic for me.

I LOVE to train. I LOVE to get in the gym and three to four hours passes by easily while I am training. Today it was just frustrating. Failing. Failing. Failing. Small Success and then more failure. Knowing I have three hours with coach I did the best thing I could think of. Withdraw. Strategic Retreat. Come back home. Feed myself a protein shake, rest, use the Sedona Method to release the frustration and get ready to come back with Coach with a new attitude rather than one of despondency. There are potentially huge breakthroughs on bars to look forward to but I need to being optimism to the session rather than legacy pain and frustration.

So I off for now to rest, meditate and release and come back. So watch for the next post. Go Heroes!!

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