Work With What You Have

It has been a frustrating two days since hurting my big toe on the bars. I was positioned to nail some big routines and move past some goals and now these have been severely curtailed as a result. For  a while I thought my big toe was broken, then it was my foot then it seemed only to be a sprain. It stopped me from training yesterday and got me to focus on healing and nurturing my body but that does not take away the doubt and frustation.

This morning it felt better but nowhere near good enough to sprint on, or tumble on. OK there goes my plan for Level 4 Floor again. Again. %&^(#$!!!  I woke up determined to do what I could with what I had. I went down to LA Fitness to train and did my bridges and my back was in good form. I then did Kickovers on my off-leg and did my best ever. 5 off the one panel mat and very clean. I then did 5 upslinkies onto the one panel mat off my good leg and then went for upslinkies onto the two panel mat even though I had never made one before AND my foot was lacking power. You never know I made two anyway. I then did some Front Lumber Kickovers and then went off to train with coach.

Coach taped my foot to avoid clipped the Big Toe again and then he and I started on bars and made huge progress on our Level 6 bar routine with more and more distinctions coming together and it getting tighter and tighter and my kips were getting back to their old form. I can visualize my Level 6 bar routine coming together now. So Exciting. We then did some work on beam handstands for our Level 6 dismount and they were OK but coached call the session early I was just too limited in what I could do.

I could have called it quits but went back to LA Fitness and worked on my sidesplits and went down further then ever before. Really amazing to see the progress there and it will not be long before I can be in full splits.

Time to rest. Look forward to tomorrow, know I put in the best effort today with what I have and know that tomorrow is another brand new day with new possibilities to create my dreams. Off to the Jacuzzi and then ice. Go Heroes!!

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