Angels Amongst Us

I have been so frustrated from the pain in my foot from where I smashed it into the floor, pulling the big toe under the foot. Most of the purple bruising has gone down now but the pain is still intense deep in the joint. Yesterday I went to train wth Doc (Dr Michelle) at LA Fitness because I wanted her to look at my shoulders and hands and help me understand my my body is twisting so much and getting out of alignment. I have been conditioning pathways in my body that are not optimal and they will be dangerous when I start doing back handsprings on the beam where more than 1 degree out means missing the beam.

She pointed out all these things I was doing wrong and when we went to correct it I lost all power and was just grinding along. It was soooo frustrating but it going to be critical in the long run. I was almost in tears as kickovers were ten times harder than normal and my body just was not responding the way it was supposed to.

I slept in this morning and went down the gym after going to church with Kenny. (He then went off with the boys!!).  I was down there on the mats and following the coaching she gave me and it was just not working. I was almost in tears lying there asking myself the tough questions. Is it worth it? Can I even do it? I was plagued with doubts and fears and just when the darkest cloud came over one of my fans in the gym Greg walked over. Looked me in the eye and said ‘You Can Do It Bobbie-Sue!’ and then walked away. Tears streamed down my face and I realize that I have so many peoples dreams resting on my shoulders every day that I have an even bigger obligation than me.

As tears were streaming down my cheek, after being touched by an Angel, I found new strength and kicked over. Not just kicked over but with my shoulders in tight form. Hands in great position and one of my best form kickovers to date. I then proceeded to to do all my normal techniques in better form, stronger and consistently. I did the Front Limber Kickover that I need for Level 4 this week with coach at the best quality and most consistent I have ever done them.

I am so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life. Kenny I loooove you so much. You are always there for me and championing me to be my best and giving me space to fulfill my dreams. I can’t wait to get married after London 2012. 

Coach Olin what can I say. Your commitment to me going towards Gold has totally changed my life. I would not be on track if it was not for your love, support and guidance. You know just how to get the very best out of me. Clinton thank you so much for so many incredible mindset tools with Frontier Trainings. I feel blessed to be a part of this incredible organization around the world.

Doc you provide such love and nurturing so when I am a mess you are there to hold me, love and adjust me to get me back on the floor and performing like a champion. Hector my massage therapist. You hands are a gift and I cannot wait to spend more time in your sanctuary. To Mom and Dad thanks for being there whenever you need me. Robbie your outrageous stunts and courage to test boundaries always pushes me. Thanks Bro.

Even my sidesplits are coming down further. Here is a photo of my current progress. This is the lowest so far since resuming training.

Not long before I am completely 'Split!'

I am so looking forward to the next four days with coach and will give 100% because anything less will never do. Life is a journey with high places and low places but in those darkest moments is when all it takes is five words from an Angel ‘You can do it Bobbie-Sue!’  and it can all turn around. Thank you Jesus. Thank you God. Go Heroes!!!!

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