Two Feet Forward, One (Sprained) Foot Back

After coming back from training yesterday I went and jumped in the Jacuzzi and then iced my big toe which took a hit from my bar routine. As the day wore on it swelled more and more and was getting more painful to walk on. Finally last night I went to massage it and only in theĀ  light did I see the big blue ring of bruising around the foot. It appears it was not the toe but the joint that had been badly sprained. I went to bed praying that it would be Ok in the morning.

When I woke at 5am to go and train it just was not going to work out so I texted coach and cancelled training. My heart sank because if it was broken I might not train for the next seven days. I had five hours more sleep and got up had a big breakfast (unusual for me) and went to see Dr Michelle my beloved Chiropractor.

First of all she affirmed it was not broken only badly sprained and would be OK to train around tomorrow. Phew what a relief. My back is in great shape, rest of the body is doing great and I was expecting lots of breakthroughs and then this. Frustrating feeling taking steps forward only to have to take a step back. Fortunately I have lots of other skills I can work on for a day or two until I can tumble on it again.

My body is craving training. Having not trained tonight I feel an overall compulsion to go and workout for a couple of hours just to get the body moving. Being idle is exasperating!!!

One of my favorite sayings is ‘This too shall pass’, and it implies there have been other challenges you have overcome (true) that the challenge is time based (true) and another step forward will be made (true). I will continue to get better in every way, every day in my pursuit of GOLD in London in Women’s Gymnastics. Go Heroes!!!

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