Distinctions Separate the Masters from the Masses

I woke up early this morning as I got to train with coach and that always makes my days even better.  I went down to LA Fitness. It was a little chilly outside which mean the gym at Elite where I train was going to be oh so cold inside. My back was doing Ok just not at its peak. By the time I got inside the gym with coach it was cold. I did not have the flexibility to do the Level 4 Routine like I hoped but will get it either Wed or Thurs with coach. 

We worked on vault and raised the vaulting table up to level 5 so I can begin conditioning that for advanced skills later on. Coach was ecstatic with the progress I am making on vault. Good body form and run and pieces coming together.

We then went over to the bars where are working on the first part of Level 6. This is a Glide Kip to Clea Hip to Glide Kip to squat on. This is tough especially being a tall gymnast at 5’7″ unlike most of the other girls who have lots of clearance I do not have that when I swing under on the low bar. My butt is inches from the ground on the swing so my legs have to be in excellent form or I am grounding them.

Well coach gave some new distinctions he realized and suddenly we had a major step forward in this technique which is great. I love it when he has these ideas to test. The final turn of the rotation of jammed both feet into the ground and I may have broken my toe. It hurts a lot, even two hours later.

We then went to beam where we were focusing on turns because I get to do a passe full turn as part of my Level 6 beam which is needed because soon after that we start doing double turns on the beam. Get dizzy spining around once. Do that ten times on a beam and check your balance!!!

Overall it was a great morning and the lesson here is mastery is the accumulation of thousands of little distinctions over time and that is why you pay for a great coach to accelerate your learning those techniques than having to do it yourself if that is even possible. Look for the distinctions, drill the skills and train, train and train.

I love my life so much. Only 7 more sessions with coach this year. Off to the Jazuzzi then to get a healthy salad for lunch. Go Heroes!!

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