Success With A Twist

I have been travelling again and went to Australia to meet some important researchers in Australia to assist me with rehabbing my shoulder. It is very frustrating because of the broken ribs I have to crunch through all the scar tissue every morning. I was stretching with a friend today and she was shocked when she could hear the muscles cracking and breaking apart as I stretched. We made great progress and I have some more stretching to do in a certain way which may help.

I arrived back yesterday and after going to the awesome Lady Gaga concert with Kenny my fiance I went to bed so I could train today. I only got four hours and it showed in my training this morning at LA Fitness. I am doing incredible breakthroughs in some areas epecially in the area of back flexibility.

When I arrived with coach, he asked me what I wanted to do. I said everything coach. We started on Vault and I was determined to get my Level 6 Vault trophy. Up until now I have done the vault but coach has been spotting. I needed to do three vaults without coach spotting in good form. It did not need to be perfect. That will come during May. Well I did it. Fantastic start to the day. Only challenge was I twisted my knee slightly on one of the landings. Then I did a lot of leaps and hops which puts pressure directly to that knee. It is a bit swollen and it stopped me tumbling which is a real shame. I was really looking forward to it.

I am so excited by the progress and I am making great progress on the Back Walkover due to all the back conditioning. Bars is going to be a long, gruelling path to get the Level 6 and Level 7 because so many core skills are developed in these levels.

I have more sessions with coach and then into heavy conditioning. When I come back from that stretch I am expecting Back Walkovers to start happening on the beam. I am so looking forward to being able to do Back Walkover and then back Handspring on the beam. So far to go but I can see it which is exciting.

Progress. I just need to protect my knee….Go Heroes!!!

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  1. That is great Bobbie-Sue, each time I read your comments and sharing I feel very excited and think to myself “miracles do happen and they come in the form of continuous improvement”. Thanks. Take care of that knee. Looking forward to catching up when you are down under

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