Inching Forward…

I am still adjusting time zones and while I got seven hours in bed, I was awake a lot of the night and not getting the deep rest my body needs. I go to LA Fitness and after a quick warmup I went to work on my slinkies now that I no longer need to do warm up bridges. This only started a week ago and I am now working up to doing multiple slinkies as part of initial set. The first one took me double to kick over which was frustrating and so did the second. For the third I went for it and did a pentaslinky and jsut was short of a sexto slinky. This is a huge step forward and really showing me the great conditoning my back has been going through.

Next I did three perfect combo (FLKO, Slinky, BWO, FLSU, Stick) followed by doing some Upslinkies (L-2) onto the two panel mat. I did 5/5 and only one required a double kick. This is getting back to where I was at the end of December before I broke a rib.  Next job is to work on going onto the 3 panel mat and when I get there I will be back to where I was before the break. Hmmm.

I went down to train with coach. Still a little tired. Coach arrived and I was asleep in the car. I started work with him on Back Walkovers on beam and it is just conditioning and conditioning. We did about 24 of them before moving on but everyone I do strengthens me. In May I will be making huge progress on the beam because of all the work I will be doing while I am in England.

We then went to work on bars and did some Ok work with lots of focus on Clear Hips. I did my best Clear Hip to date and got a clearer distinction on the cast with the focus of bringing the ankles to the beam. Progress. Small Progress but I’ll take it.

Next we went to to Back Handspring and it is frustrating that it is taking me so long to do this on the floor. It is such a basic technique but I will keep chipping away at it. Finally we went to work on beam. We did some basics before working on handstands and dismounts on the high beam. After a while of mediocre results coach put me back on the lower beam and setup the mats around it. I started nailing the handstands and hitting the position. There is a place where you get locked in  a handstand where you are so balanced you cannot move. I hit my first lock on the beam.

So lots of progress and looking forward tomorrow after more rest and care for my knee. Go Heroes!!

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