Another Day in Paradise

I woke up today to another beautiful day in San Diego. I feel so blessed to live in this great city where our weather is so beautiful so often. I went down to LA Fitness and trained for 90 minutes before going to work with coach. I was able to kickover from my first bridge which was great and did two more before moving onto Upslinkies. Prior to Jan 1 when I rebroke a rib I was able to do 5/5 on the 2 panel mat and was getting 5/5 on the three panel mat. Since then I have not been able to get back to that same space. Today I was able to do 3/10 so I am getting there again and know I will get back soon enough. I also did some really smooth Back Walkovers. I also went to do some beam slinkies but they were just not strong as I felt twisted and actually crashed one time which is never good.

I then went to meet coach at Elite Gymnastics. We started working on Back Walkovers on the beam again. This skill is very exciting to me as it is the real beginning to advance beam routines and coach is wanting to do all the ground work for Back Handsprings because at some point I will be doing Back Handspring Series and Back Tucks on the beam. We spent our time focusing on getting faster to the mat and then straigtening the front leg. We took it back to the floor and made a lot of small improvements that will have a big impact. It is so important to get the technique so much clearer for when we are doing it on beam.

After that we went to work on Back Handspring. Our goal is to overcome my fear of this and get it in great form. I can do nice clean ones on the tumbl track but bend my knees on the floor. I did ten with constant correction and started getting it stronger and stronger. We are going to keep focusing on this until I have the confidence to do it at LA Fitness and then I will be able to make rapid progress. I am just not there yet. I have been looking forward to doing series and just not done it yet. This is now under a microscope as when I first learned it,  the ida of me doing it on the beam was not even on the horizon. It is now glaring as a flaw that needs to be corrected.

We then worked on Back Extension Roll which is getting better especially with the work around to assist my shoulder. We then followed it by working on Front Handspring. The final five of them were easily the best ever and this technique has really turned the corner and I know I will be able to carryh this through and get great results going forward.

We then shifted to bars and did an hours worth of work on Casting into Kips which are an integral part of the Level 6 Bars Routine. I was strugling and then coach added in an extra drill and that made a big difference. I was then inconsistent but did make some great techniques and got them on camera.

This was the end of this block and I will see coach again on Mar 29 which is 18 dayss away. By then my Back Walkovers should be even better and we can make great progress on everything. It is slow going but an incredible journey. I love every step and even though there are challenges I couldn’t think of doing anything else. I feel so blessed. Go Heroes!!

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