Strategic Decision

I went off to train this morning and had a solid workout. My back was nice and open and I was doing back bends, slinkies and a host of other back bending techniques. I then went off to train with coach. When I arrived he surprised me my giving me a mini-beam as a present so I can take it and travel with me to work on my cross handstands which is a block right now. I love my coach. He is so amazing and is so supportive of everything I do. we then got down to work.

We started off on vault and it was not long before we raised the vaulting table to Level 5 which is the highest I have had it and again it was not long before I was coming over it beautifully. We will take the minitramp away shortly and put the springboard back but at least I know I am looking for. As 5’7″ tall I am normally the tallest gymnast so I need to vault off the highest setting to be able to get my rotations for twists and saltos. It will not be long before I can get a beautiful vault off Setting 5.

We then rotated to bars. I was kipping nicely but my hands were just like sandpaper on the bars and were getting shredded. I already had four rips and even though I was making great progress and getting tighter on form coach and I decided it would be better to stop as I had just ripped all four rips again. OK Bobbie Rotate to Tumbling.

At tumbling we started off on the tumble track. I was doing a variety of techniques leading to Round Off- Back Handspring-Back Tuck. I love tumbling and it is nice to be strong again.  we then went out onto the floor and doing work there which was great. At this point I felt an intuitive insight to leave immediately. I expressed this to coach and he was happy with the decision and for listening to my body. We made some final arrangements for the end of the year and then I left for Doctor Aiello’s Office.

I arrived at Dr Aiello who was going to give me PRP surgery on my knee again. Prior to May 2010 I had my knee twist 8 times underneath me and it delayed progress enormously. Since i had it done in May 2010 my knee has not once caused a problem. I decided to do it again. I went in and this time I was allowed to feel so my TV Show on BSTV actually has examples of the procedure on it for those interested.

The operation was a HUGE success and I am now in recovery to make left knee the strongest it can be.So glad I made this decision happen and I am sure it will make a huge impact in the years to follow. Go Heroes!!

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