Conditioning and Reconditioning

I am in an amazing place right now. After having completed 5.5 hours of training with the huge breakthroughs and having an hour of chiropractic with the one and only Doc (Dr Michelle Binkowski) and twp hours of massage with Hector who specializes in working with gymnasts I was so excited to train today. I had another good night sleep and then went down to LA Fitness. It took a little while to warm up but I am very conscious now of Docs coaching regarding my hand position when bridging. It is improving results dramatically.

Part of Mastery is conditioning ourselves where we can go to Unconscious Competence without allowing ourselves to go on autopilot. That is the great challenge how do you be totally natural AND totally aware at the same time. In the book ‘Talent is Overrated’ Geoff Colvin talks about the hours it takes to get to mastery and like Clinton teaches there are no shortcuts. Geoff calls it ‘Deliberate Practice’, Frontier calls it training but it is constantly working on techniques, looking for distinctions and then redrilling the skill.

There is a saying that Practice makes Perfect. Well practice makes permanent. Whatever we condition becomes our norm. If we drill a bad technique that becomes standard. Our goal then is to drill perfectly every time so that perfectin becomes automatic. Challenge is rarely is there a perfect environment, temperature changes, equipment changes, clothing changes so in reality we need to allow for variances in external factors while hitting the core of the technique in perfection.

I have been working on by bridges for a while and I conditioned a certain group of muscles to fire off as I do them. I decided to focus on rebalancing my body because I am so far out and at higher levels they make you use both sides of the body and I cannot let it get so far behind. The challenge is when I began training my off side my body started twisting and contorting because it was used to the other patterns. It changed my entire techniques including hand position, moving my shoulders out as well.

I am now back working both sides and making massive progress on both. It took a step backwards and lots of work with coach to correct it but now I am doing miracles down at the gym. I normally work 2 hours on my back flexibility alone. but considering what I need to do with my back regarding back handsprings on the beam I need to keep working on it.

Coach could not train today so I am taking it lightly with only 2.5 hours of training. My foot is playing up a little as Hector did massge and grabbed it a couple of times and I forgot to tell him to stay away from it so it is a little sorer today. Overall though I feel in great shape. Looking forward to tomorrow with coach (last training for this block) and then getting the procedure on my knee to strengthen it even more. I am going to ask Dr Aiello if I can film it so you can see the needles going into the knee.

Life is amazing and I am so blown away by what I have created in two years. Two more years to go to London and I have my work cut out for me but I am committed. Off to ice and jacuzzi. Go Heroes!!

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