Year of Reflection

What an amazing year it has been. Kenny and I just finished skiing at Beaver Creek and are now at Denver Airport flying to New York then to London for Christmas to be whisked away by his family for Christmas.

What an incredible year it has been. I have made incredible progress on my goal towards London in 2012. I won some important meets along the way but they tended to be smaller and less competitive compared to the ones I need to compete in next year.

My vault is getting stronger and the knee challenges earlier in the year definitely slowed me down. Bars are moving quickly and are coming back to me the quickest of the four apparatus. Now Giants are starting to come back online it will not be long before I will flying between the bars like Mustafina at Worlds. I look forward getting to that point again like when I was younger. Tough with all the rips that keep happening every bar session.

Beam is moving along nicely and now the back is close to Elite standard (lots more to go) I am going to be able to work on all the heavy tumbling on the beam both back and forwards. The fear is largey disappearing as well which is important because you cannot doubt yourself when throwing yourself backwards or forwards over a 4 inch wide beam and expect to stick it.

Floor is the biggest challenge at the moment. The sidesplits are taking sooo long to return to competitive standard. They are something that unless you do it regularly you can lose it which is what happened. Also I am heavier now than when I was competing as a Junior Elite. That extra height (4 inches) and weight (too much) means launching myself into the top tumbling routines is tougher. I will get there but it is working on it all the time.

I have to thank the love of my life Kenny, my incredible coach Olin, my chiro Doc (Dr Michelle), Massage Master (Hector) and my and Kenny’s parents for their undying support, the Heroes Squad for their commitment to excellence and allowing me to train and finally all of SDU for their words of encouragement wherever I go.

2011 is going to be an amazing year and I cannot wait to train on a strong knee, healthy back and intense focus. Have a great Christmas and see you in the New Year.

Here are some of the inspirations for the coming year.

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