Ready To Run

I went to train at LA Fitness today as coach had a splitting headache. I started off warming up and then did some blind slinkies. I did a double, triple and a quad. It is amazing feeling the ability of going back and putting the hands on the ground and then kicking over relying only on touch.

I then did a series of back walkovers. I did 10 and then 12 and then failed at one and stopped. It is funny that it felt like a total failure even though four months ago I have never even done a series or 3 or more Back Walkovers.

I then worked on my back bends onto the beam. I did my usual ten and actually bent back more than ever before. I actually felt my spine at complete extension. I seem to have reached the maximum flexibility I can can in my back. My spine is now arched where the actually vertebrae was touching.

I then did handstands and while my times handstands were not so good I was able to do my first ever beam stag handstand in good form as well. I then worked on piroutte handstands and was able to do my first ever 770 degree handstand as well which is two full turns and a little. It took me 8 steps which is more than it should be. I need to get it down to 4 steps to do it correctly.

I spoke to coach recently and he said we can start working on my Level 6 floor routine as soon as I can show I have the stamina to do the Level 5. Well that was enough I started running today for Cardio. From this point forward I will be doing cardio every day and will keep increasing it until stamina is no longer an issue. I am excited about the work I am doing and look forward to seeing the results. Loving Life. Go Heroes!!

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