Blind Faith

I have been training hard and have not been posting every day. Today is my first day of rest in two weeks. I normally train 7 days a week and i felt I needed one day off before I do my last block with coach. I LOVE training. I can not think of what I would prefer to do other than train whether it is gymnastics or cheer or dance. Unless that is compete and win of course!!

I have got to the point now where when I warm my back up my first Slinky happens effortlessly. I thought how can I raise the bar. Is it possible to do them with my eyes closed. I have done a couple of back bends before blind so I knew I could do it safely. Technically if I reach back I am at a point now where I basically place my hands on the ground starting with my fingers so the risk is close to zero providing I reach back. I had never kicked over though blind. Sure enough was able to do that, then did two and then did a triple blind slinky. Opens up a whole new world of putting my skills to the test now. Without your sight you need to be so much more in touch with your body. I love it.

My back is doing great. Using my mini beam I keep pushing it hard and my shoulders, back and thighs keep opening up. I am fascinated to see where it will lead. I have also started pushing the hips forward at the end of the backbend in preparation for Standups which will happen at some point as well. Constant progress. It is slow but I keep getting better. What is even more exciting for me is I am doing it on a very healthy body. Knee is incredibly strong and ribs are taking all the back bending onto the beam. I only have the challenge now with Back Extension Roll to get through and I will do that as well.

I can see me doing Back Walkovers on the beam and it is getting clearer and easier each day for that vision to become reality. Back Walkovers on the beam is where most girls quit because it is too scary. To me it is just another challenge to get through. I am excited about the possiblity that I will be doing Back Walkover Back Handspring on the beam as well. Eventually Back Handspring, Back Tuck in my routine.

So much to work on but while I continue to push myself, commit and grow I will make those dreams a reality and those dreams are very, very GOLDEN. Loving life. Go Heroes!!

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