Insights and Distinctions

In Frontier Trainings there is a distinction that ‘Distinctions separate the masters from the masses’. This is based on the concept that the more you have done something the more you have understood the little things that make a difference.

On Tuesday I was training with coach and was doing horribly. My tumbling was just not strong enough and I fell on almost every beam skill I did. My balance was just no there and it was frustrating. I was dealing with some frustrating news as well.

Coach then asked how what do you want to do with the last 45 minutes. I asked if I can vault. I said I wanted to get some energy out. I sprinted and really got my feet up allowing me to get a much better position on the table. As a result I did one vault where I really felt the time off the table until I stuck the landing. The next vault I applied the new distinction. Bam. Brilliant Vault. Coach was like Wow!!. I shared the lesson and he said do it again. I then proceeded to do my best vaulting ever and cannot wait to do it again.

This morning I went down to LA Fitness to train and took my mini beam. I did my backbends and did my best set ever.

As you can see my hands are getting closer and closer towards my feet. Today I had my massage therapist work a lot on the thighs to lengthen this muscle so I can this without bending the legs. I will get to the point where I can grab my own ankles. I am determined and with careful incremental progress I will get there.

Coach has also got me running to improve my cardio so I am now running every training at LA Fitness. It will end up making a big difference but running is not my favorite activity. Now I listen to Laday Gaga, Ke$ha and Katy Perry when I run and I am actually starting to enjoy it.

I am training again tomorrow and looking forward to getting more exceptional results. Loving Life. Go Heroes!!

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