Once Impossible, Now Easy

I heard this a while ago and decided to adopt it as my personal creed. There are so many things now I do that are effortless and people look at them and they are amazed and yet to me they are normal. Back when I started I would have been amazed had I watched someone do that knowing that at the time it was impossible. But now two years into training for the Olympics my body has changed and become more supple, stronger and more flexible. What was once impossible is now easy. Not everything is easy there are still some things that scare me, that I struggle with but overall so much of what I do has become achievable and a lot of it easy.

I remember when I began two years ago focusing on my back flexibility. The idea of leaning back and putting my hands on the ground was a dream. Now I do that dream about 60 times a morning as part of conditioning. I now am at a point where I am going negative where instead of coming off panel mats to make it easier I am going up panel mats to go harder. I am also using the other side of my body for symmetry which is something I never did before.

I have started work on the side splits before but always quit no more than ten days into it and sometimes less. Coach said a couple of months ago that Bobbie you need the sideways splits now so get it. So get it!!! That was it. Something which I had struggled with and now just get it. So each morning I sit in the splits for one minute on and one minute off for about seven minutes of each. The conditioning is happening and I am moving ever closer to be able to get to the splits and then conditioning to be able to stay there. I am soooo looking forward to be able to sit permanently in the sidesplits. Talk about a dream come true. There are very few 21 years girls who can do the splits even if they could when they were younger and I have to go past that into oversplits.

The key here is the more I condition the easier all these techniques get. What was once impossible, then becomes possible and then easier and finally easy. I am currently working on doing an upslinky onto to 2 panel mats. I have never made one yet. (I have done ten to date) but I know within a matter of time I will make one and then 3/5 and then 5/5 and then will rase it to three panel mats and more,  in the meantime the standard slinky will become like breathing, easy and automatic.

It comes down to hours in the gym. Committed, focused training and realizing that Conditioning Builds Stamina. Suddenly you doing things that absolutely amaze people and they think it must have always been easy.

Off to jump in the jacuzzi and let my legs relax after sitting in the splits. Go Heroes!!!

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