Breakthroughs Before Breakfast

Many of you have heard this saying as part of Frontier Trainings. I was the one originally who coined the team at a Frontier event and it just caught on. It is not surprising to me because when you wake up and have multiple breakthroughs before you have even had breakfast you start the day powering ahead.

Two days ago when I saw Doc (Dr Michelle Binkowski my chiro) she worked on my shoulder muscles which are really crunchy and then adjusted my back. Well my back went click-click-click and the entire upper back opened for the first time like it has never opened before. I could tell instantly it was different. I did not train yesterday as I was skiing and so could not wait to train this morning. I woke up at 5:20 after a big dinner last night and seven hours sleep so I could be in top form. Did I say top form!!!! I had eleven breakthroughs before breakfast including nearly all major stretching I do in the morning. I upped the ante on EVERYTHING and everything delivered. So incredible. I trained for 4 and a half hours this morning. 

I am now doing Upslinkies. This is where you do a slinky going up onto panel mats which is soooo much tougher. I made lots on the one panel mat and none on the two panel mat. But soon. Once you can do upslinkies then normal slinkies are a piece of cake because of the extra kick strength you get from Upslinkies.

My sidesplits are also coming down further and tomorrow will be another huge breakthrough on that as well. I learned a lot more about my body today and the individual muscles on my back and where I am unbalanced. I am also now working on my off side so my body can get more symmetry and strenghten over all. I ended up doing Kickovers with my off leg off the two panel mat. Once it gets into my physiology it will not be long before I will be doing it off the floor as well. It is so exciting. Hard work and dedication is showing through. Every day I train and train to get better and better and it shows in all the hours I put in.

It will not be long before I nail my Level 4 Floor Routine with the Front Limber Kickover and then onto Level 5 with the Back Walkover (90% chance), Back Extension Roll (needs work) and Front Handsprings (working on them soon) and am also working on Back Walkovers on the beam. I have a big incentive as my next super big goal is doing back handsprings on the beam. Scary but with focus I will nail those as well. Plus I have the best coach in the world.

Off to jump in the Jacuzzi and then spend the afternoon with Kenny. Go Heroes!!!

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  1. Thanks for the details Bobbie-Sue, like getting in touch with your back muscles to help balance! I have such a long way to go and I know that it has taken you time and dedicated training to get to where you are. I am not going to aim for gymnastics, although I am going to find a hard to reach goal in the physical fitness area, then train train train. Right now I am going to the gym twice a week – I have never been a gym member before. Water aerobics and beginners yoga – a far cry from what you do, yet a giant leap for me. You are my inspiration and an AMAZING woman!

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