Loving the Little Steps

I went down to LA Fitness today because Coach is going in for a minor surgery and unable to train. I went in and warmed by back up for about eight minutes before working on my first major skill. I want to improve my Back Walkovers. A key part of a Back Walkover is what I call melting the back when you lean back straight away with no hesitation and put your hands on the ground and kick over.

I currently stand with one leg on a bench (so it cannot move to stablise me) and the lean back and go over. I did 10/10 for the first time which tells me I am getting more and more confident in my back. The key now is improving the speed of going back. I then did BWO leanbacks in the beam position which is much tougher and did 7/10 of those.

I then did Beam Slinkies which I have not done for a while as I have been focusing on sets of BWO or Beam Slinkies. While I fell on the first one I then did 9 correct including a double beam slinky and to triple beam slinkies (First ever).

I am now doing pullovers in the boys weight area and six of those in great form and am going to keep increasing that number and faster as well so I build up that strength. I also did 8 chin ups and am going to focus on increasing that and more bar work to improve my bars. I want giants and release moves and transition moves as soon as possible.

I did fantastic on my split leap-split leap sequence and then did some awesome Beam Routines including my Tuck Jump Turn – Split Jump. I was very aggressive and the jumps and it felt great.

I then went back on the traeadmill. I am gradually falling in love with the running and went to 12 minutes on speed 6.8. Tomorrow I intend to increase it to 14 minutes on 6.8. Eventually I want to get to half an hour at 6.8 or more to build my stamina for my floor routine.

Overall I am doing great and continue to get better every day in almost every way. Onwards to Rio. Go Heroes!!!

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