When Good Is Not Enough

I was unable to train yesterday as coach was sick and was so looking getting down to LA Fitness this morning and training for 4-5 hours. I did not take my beam down there and focused on Back Walkovers so I can do them cleanly for the beam. I just did not have a good morning. Now if most people could do what I did this morning they would be blown away. For me it was good and that is not enough. I want great. I want excellent. I want breakthroughs!!

I did quite a few back bend techniques but nothing breakthrough. My handstands felt strong but just not enough to break records. My beam handstands are improving but not breakthrough. My stag handstands are getting better but again in the breakthrough zone but not a breakthrough.

I found a bar I can use in the weights gym for long hand pullovers. First time I did them so I took it easy and did 5 of them. That was a breakthrough there and a solid benchmark as well. I then did pullups there as well which was a breakthrough that will be broken continuously going forward as I drill it.

I then went and ran. I wanted to go 16 minutes on the 6.8 speed setting. I moved it to 7 and was exhausted after 10 minutes and stopped. My pride hurt falling so short. I only got 4 breakthroughs today far sure of my average of 7 breakthroughs and my personal best of 16 breakthroughs.

I so want to reach higher levels that days like this are so disappointing. I know I will be training tomorrow and this is part of the journey but it still does not make it feel great.

Breathe Bobbie and focus on a brand new day tomorrow full of breakthroughs. Go Heroes!!

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