Weather Effects

IN the US we have our Football players who play in all weather conditions. It is a key part of the sport and something which the players need to be able to be conditioned for. In Gymnastics we train in an large open building. It does not have heating. Air conditioning consists of opening a the doors and turning on a fan. I woke up this morning and it was a drizzly. I had planned to go and kick some butt today and do my first ever Quad Beam Slinky.

I got down to LA Fitness and started warming up my back and it was just horrible. I was operating at about 80% of my flexibility and when you are doing Elevated Back Walkovers that translates to leaning back and crashing on the ground. NOT a happy experience. I really had my heart set on a particular breakthrough instead I got five other breakthroughs. Fortunately I was not attached to my goal and still had a solid day.

I figure as long as I train almost every day, my goal of doing Back Walkovers and eventually Back Handsprings on the beam will come to fruition. Maybe it is another year away but there is no reason why it cannot happen. Doing back walkovers on the beam if the breaking point for most girls and where they quit. I have no problem with coach spotting me on Back Walkovers and now it is just getting the confidence for me to do it by myself and be consistent at it.
I feel so blessed to be an Elite Gymnast and will continue everyday in my pursuit of GOLD in the Olympics. With focus like this, nothing can stop me. Go Heroes!!

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