Loving the Growth

  • I woke up excited this morning to go down to LA Fitness in Poway at 6am. I was there just as the doors opened (just like yesterday) and set to work. I warmed up my back doing a couple of Cobra stretches and then did my first bridge. It was incredible, straight into good form and I kicked over strong and clean. My fastest and strongest first kickover over. Shows how far I have come. I then did three of them all in great form. I then went and did a SextoSlinky (6 in a row) and they felt the best control I have ever had going back. They were really easy and I know I will be hitting Decaslinkies VERY shortly and the aim is to do Decas every morning.

I then did 3 beautiful Front Limber kickovers, followed by 5 Front Lumber Standups. Next was Back Walkover as part of my routine. The first were nto smooth at all but then it clicked and the next three were beautiful. I then decided to go for the elevated BWO. This is where the leg is raised up resting on some object and then leaning back with no suport from that leg. I will need this for the beam. While it is more scary as all the weight is on one leg, once you have that control you actually go over even smoothly so in effect I am now building up confidnce to let my back melt ad go rapidly to the ground. I will be working on this every day now so I can get my back walkover on the beam shortly.

I then worked on handstands and my beam handstands were the best ever. All the conditioning with Georgia on the mini beam allowed me to hold it vertical much longer than ever before. This is something I also get to work on every day to get these locked and solid as they bare a foundation skill. I also did my longest ever handstand walk with 16 steps. My goal is to walk at least 100 steps on a presidnged path including turns with perfect stability.

My priouettes were ok and then I went and did some weight training without my knee brace which is great for it. These all gave me personal bests and I finished up with stretching. I focused on forward splits both left and right as well as Sidesplits and although I am not near personal best i am doing great.

So excited about tomorrow and training again. Go Heroes.



  • Kickover – Fastest Ever with least pre stretching
  • BWO Air6- 5/5 and overcoming fear
  • Handstand (Beam) – Two counted to Z. Longest ever and in good form
  • Handstand (Walk) – 16 steps and getting more and more stable and distinctions
  • Pull Down – This works on the lat which I am working on
  •  Chest Press – Working on improving overall body strength


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