On the Verge…

Today was an incredible day working with coach. All the hard work I have been putting in outside the gym is starting to show up. On Friday coach said that he would consider taking away the mats for the vault this week. I went into this mornings session with the intent of having those mats removed. I came off from working our for an hour at LA Fitness and feeling my back get stronger and more consistent. I was able to do a kickover on my first bridge and then nail two more. It is awesome to know that the conditioning is making the back so flexible without need for stretching to do that. I can see a time when I will be able to do the stretching for three minutes and go straight into slinkies and bypass the bridges into kickovers.

I started doing the vaulting this morning and it took for three to really get it coming together and then I started nailing them. Lot of corrections along the way but coach said give me four good ones and I will take away the mats. I nailed those four in short order and the mats were taken and I started flipping it . This is a much higher vaulting table when I was flipping the Level 5 vault earlier. Level 6 is the same vault but on a much higher setting. I need it higher for when I start doing it with tucks and then go into Tsukaha where you are run to the vault and do a round-off-backhandspring and then do a back handspring into the table. This is part of the Level 8 vault but coach and are in discussions for later in the year. Loving this. I shouold be able to do the Level 6 vault without him this week and get my Level 6 Trophy. Awesome!!

I then went to bars and did a mediocre rotation. After that I went to tumbling on the floor. Four weeks since any tumbling so a bit rusty but great to be back on the floor tumbling. Will be going at it hard again tomorrow as well as Back Tucks as well. Body if sit and strong and coming together with the back opening up to be even more flexible.

Finally I did some work on handstands on the beam as part of the Level 6 Dismount. I easily did the best ones so far and any fear has gone now and I am loving attacking this technique. Something about faceplanting the beam was not appealing but the grip on the beam has gotten so much stronger now that the confidence is skyrocketing.

The BIG news is that coach has start talking aboit working on Back Handsprings on the beam now. This is a big step forward and to me where real beamwork starts. We are going to be starting on the floor but I am soo excited about this progress and this overcome my fear of doing standard back handsprings especially as my back is opening up more and more. Loving life and the progress and cannot wait for more… Go Heroes!!!

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