Tension Building…

I just came back from Australia. I had a chance to catch up with my friend Anne-Marie Telford and do trainings at her parents gym and also got to spend time with Frontier but it is getting harder and harder to justify training with Frontier as it is taking me away from working with coach too much.

I arrived back and went to LA Fitness. I got to stretch and the body was in fine form. Kicked over on the first bridge which always tells me I am in good shape and then did a Pentaslinky effortlessly. Flowing, Pain free which is how I love them. I was able to do some upslinkies and FLKO and FLSU and will be doing Back Walkovers tomorrow. I then went to work with coach. SOOO great to be back in the gym. I did a gret vault rotation and we will be flipping it next week which means if I can stick three I get a Level 6 Vault Trophy. Yeah…. Then went to bars and did some great work on clear hip circles. Progress. Then rotated to beam and just did great work overall especially with handstands.

Coach is very excited about the progress, especially on vault. Once I start flipping it regularly we then move to Front Handspring with full twist and Tsukahara where I run to the vault, do a Roundoff back handspring onto the table and then push off and Level 9 Vault is Tsukahara with back tuck. Supercool. He also had me focusing on some Level B and C skills for Level 8 and above today which is cool. Great to see where we are going.

Lots of challenges to overcome but now I am back in San Diego I am preparing for some big things to happen.

Loving Life. Go Heroes!!!

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