Inch by Inch

Was up at 4:30am this morning and down at LA Fitness. I worked for about an hour doing back flexibility training to prepare for coach. The kickovers were OK and then I went straight to Upslinkies (2). I missed the first onw but then got the next four in a row. I moved up to Upslinkies (3) and it was tough but I made the fourth out of five. It means I will be doing them again soon. I will probably get 3-5 of them tomorrow and within a week I will be surprises if I get less than four in a morning.

I then went to train with coach. We started on vault and I blew away coaches expectations in the first five vaults and met his goal. We then dropped the table to the fifth setting and back to the Springboard. So my goal now is to get great form and be able to vault off this setting with the springboard. Once that form is done we will be able to take away the mats and I will be moving to completing my Level 6 Vault. The vault is same as Level 5 only it needs to be off a higher setting and be even tighter form.

We then went to bars where I am currently working on Giants. This is where you swing entirely around the bar. After a couple of swings coach encouraged me to go for it. We went into action but I just could not get the swing high enough but at least I attemped it. We will get this soon and not long after that I will be doing them regularly on the strap bars and then off to the high bar. Very Exciting.

We then went to the floor for tumbling and I did OK although it was always Tighter Bobbie! or Faster Bobbie! It is great to be doing it on the floor again though and I know we will be doing Round Off-Back Handspring-Back Tuck on the floor shortly as well. I ended on an ugly pass as I went to think mid-pass. VERY DANGEROUS!! It is drill the skill and let your body take over.

I finished with handstands on the beam and got my best handstand on the beam with coach. He was very excited and this is where the training on the minibeam is really beginning to show. Give me another 30 a morning for six months and see how good those handstands are going to be.

I then went back to LA Fitness but when I went to stretch my back I was so exhausted from four hours of training that my body did not want to play. Instead I went to handstands and huge distinction. I started being able to walk on my hands. Instead of simply coming down from a handstand I was able to walk back and stay in the handstand.  I then was able to do pirouette handstands and get a much greater understanding of this technique and beat my personal best by a LOOONG way. I love it and am so looking forward to doing more handstands with this new distinction.

Tomorrow is another big day with lots of possibilities. Can’t Wait. Go Heroes!!!!

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