Small Steps….Big Gains

I remember when I was studying History about Neil Armstrong and the quote ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’. For me I make lots of little stepsevery day and the more I train at the gym the more I improve. I may not have a breakthrough or even may be less than personal best, but every back bend assists in conditioning my body so that the big breakthrough days can happen. For the last couple of days I have had more challenges doing Upslinkies and have not done one off the three panel mat since I hit 5/5. I also realize how much the chiropractor makes in having my body in peak form.

I have also been working on the sidesplits and I had no idea it was going to take me this long to get them. The body is SLOWLY complying with all the stretching and I have to realize that this is going to allow me to get there and stay there with this technique. Every day that I stretch I am reminding the muscles that they will be needing to do that on a regular basis. I so look forward getting the point I can sit in front of the television for fifteen minutes (watching a biography video) in the sidesplits. It is a vision I have and commitment will get me there.

Here is todays result

Most people do not realize what they can achieve in the long term with consistent, planned training. I have also put out that I will be able to do a handstand for five minutes. I will also be able to walk around on my hands likeĀ I do on my feet with complete control.

I also want to rebuild vertical leap for my leaps and jumps. So much conditioning to do but the results keep showing up in what I am doing.

It is amazing with the principle What I Focus On Expands. When I drill a skill down at LA Fitness within a short number of weeks I start getting such better results. My challenge is hours in the day to train and wear and tear on the body. My handstands are looking good already and getting more consistent now is the time to take that rigor to the beam which is what I am doing with my mini beam.

Look forward to training with coach for the next three days. I am sure there will be more to report….Go Heroes!!

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