Unexpected Progress

After yesterdays training I went to work with Doc who spent 90 minutes in deep tissue massage and working on my body. Later last night I also got to spend two hours with Hector my Muscleworker who does a lot of thai massage. I fell asleep mutiple times I was so exhausted from all the training and having this little downtime.

When I woke up this morning I was expecting some great results and went to LA Fitness. However I could still not get 100% of Level 2 Upslinkies. I ended up getting 50% and identified the problems a lot more. I now realize why it has been so tough. With my middle back so tight on the right side and the left side so flexible that when I push back the right cannot get over easily and so the body bends to the left and the arm is under pressure and starts to bend losing power of strength to kick over.

I did 5/5 front limber kickovers although some of them I doublekicked. I did some nice handstands before heading over to Elite Gymnastics to work with coach. We started off on vault and did some great work and made more progress on my current vault. Much tougher coming back to the springboard after being used to the mini tramp but getting back there with momentum again. Then went to bars and did lots of kips and casts and then squat ons to Long Hang Kips. Did not make them but is is a new combintion on already ripped hands and all three rips, reripped.

We then went to beam and I did five routines. They were ugly and I did not stick a handstand but coach was happier with the form and the time is still coming back. Very different doing techniques versus all of them in a routine. It is the integration which is the challenge.

Finally we went to do tumbling and did some work on Front Handsprings and Front Handspring Stepouts on Tumbl Trak but i just did not feel I could do it on the floor so we went to back tumbling. I started with Roundoff and then RO-Back Handspring and then RO- 2 BHS and finally for the RO-Back Handspring-Set which is getting ready for Back Tuck. We have been close before but coach did not feel they were strong enough. Today I was tumbling tighter and stronger so we decided to go for it and I ended up doing three good ones. And I will be doing it without a spotter soon and then we can start on Layouts which leads to Layout Fulls and then Double Tucks. So exciting and so great to be healthy and able to attack the routines  on each apparatus. Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor today. This will be episode #123 of GOLD on www.bobbiesue.tv when it is edited.

So excited to train again with coach.  I will be stronger, faster and in even better shape by then. Go Heroes!!!

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