Doors Are Opening

My friend Clinton Swaine recently moved to Poway and I spend a lot of time over with him as I on faculty for Frontier Trainings. I have a guest room set up over there when I am working late with him. I recently decided to join the LA Fitness in Poway so when I am with him I can train in the morning. I went over to see the gym and I went in and sat down with Jamison at the desk. We began talking and he looked at me, looked on the computer and saw my photo when I joined the San Carlos gym and he said your the famous Bobbie-Sue. I mentioned how did he know. He mentioned he had followed gymnastics for years and he remembers seeingĀ  my picture that spread virally around LA Fitness when I joined.

I had a look around the gym with him and I mentioned that I am going to be training regularly, early in the morning and said I do a lot of back flexibility work and need quite a bit of space to do my work. He said that that are excited to have me training there and he will make sure it will work. The gym is much larger and more open than San Carlos. I used to train in the abs area that was a little isolated so I got to see all my regular friends there now it is is one big open space. It will be very interesting to see how it goes down.

I am frustrated that I only trained twice with coach this week and one of them was when I was exhausted and so was very ineffective. My back is getting stronger and I am back doing 5/5 on the Level 2 Upslinkies and I know it will not be long before I can go off the 3 Level panel mat as well.

I have been having a week off to let the rib fully heal and it is feeling very good. The separated rib which was playing up a little as well is much better as well. Overall getting ready for four more incredible sessions with coach and I know I am going to have some major breakthroughs. Go Heroes!!

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