Loving Poway

I went to train at the Poway gym near Clintons place for the first time with him. (We just finished a meeting). As soon as I entered one of the girls recognized me from a meet from when I was a junior and the other lady behind the counter was ah welcome Bobbie-Sue we all heard you were coming to join us. Jamison come on over and welcomed me and they took an updated picture and I went to stretch.

Clinton went off to play basketball and I went to stretch. I could hear the murmuring while I was walking in but I am used to that wherever I go. I only had a couple of cheer girls come over and ask for autographs but I am used to that as well. Well the first bridge I did I kicked over on which is great news about how the conditioning of my back is going.  If I can stay this flexible or more it is going to be great. There is not as much mat space as in San Carlos which is a little challenging as I need lots of workspace to do my kickovers etc. It might be easier early in the mornings where there are less people around.

I worked away and did 3/3 kickovers and then two triple slinkies followed by Front Limber Kickovers and some handstands and some split work. I was only there for a short space of time but I know I am going to be able to feel very comfortable there. One lady Jennifer came up and introduced herself. She said ‘Can you stop being so flexible!! You are maing me feel very old!!’. I said it is meant to inspire!!! I am looking forward to making lots more gym friends here as I train regularly.

I get to train with coach for the next four days and am aiming to be doing Round Off Back Handsprings Back Tucks tomorrow without coach spotting and working on Layouts on the tumble track as well. Lots to get worked on before I go to Australia and get to compete in the Crown Invitational. Many of Australias best gymnasts will be there including Lauren Michell. It will be great to spend time with her after her World Win on Floor.

Time for sleep. Big day tomorrow. Go Heroes!!

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