Decisions Decisions.

I had a great morning stretching. My rib is doing Ok and I did 4/5 kickovers off the 2 panel mat and then did 5/5 FLKO (Front Limber Kickovers). My rib started hurting so I did not do Back Walkovers. I then went to focus on Handstands and while my normal handstands were he same as normal I am making a LOT of progress on Handstand Pirouettes. I really got to feel the difference of having a tight tusch in the ease of pirouetting. What a difference. I did my best ever pirouette and lots were so much more controlled. I also did many great beam handstands and they are looking better and tighter as well.

The exciting news for me is I am getting myself a balance beam so I can train on it at home and focus on getting dramatically better results. I am even contemplating getting a complete set of bars at home as well. There is a new park where I am going so I get to do a lot more sprinting drills there as well. I love sprinting. For a period of 12 months I could not run at all and it is was very frustrating not be able to take the brakes off and run and full speed.

I love being healthy and being able to do all four apparatus and having my minibeam at LA Fitness and Full beam at home means I should be able to make massive progress on beam.

I am very excited that I will be working with coach again on Tuesday and my plan is to be able to do Round Off-Back Spring-Back Tuck without coach spotting me and then start working on Round Off-Back Handspring-Layout. I also want to work on Standing Back Tucks and be doing them on the floor again without coach. I was doing them two years ago and then hurt myself which set myself back. The exciting thing is I am going to be doing that on the beam at some point this year and then it will be Front Handspring-Front Tuck.

Giants will be on their way again soon as well and I am getting closer to putting together the entire Level 6 Beam Routine. Level 6 Vault which is probably the first Level 6 trophy I will get is getting closer and closer and Back Walkovers on the beam continue to draw me to them. I do so much back work every morning and I was reviewing footage with Doc (Dr Michelle Binkowski) and we could see the massive improvement in five months of deliberate focused stretching. I also need to focus more on Sidesplits, Press and Pirouette Handstands.

What a journey it has been since I declared for the Olympics in January 2009!! I have made a decision that if for any reason I fail to make the London Olympics I am going to declare for Rio in 2016. I am focusing on Rio but it is great knowing that all the skills I build on will allow me to use it as the base to build on for Rio.

I am so blessed with what I get to do and cannot wait to see what comes next. Loving Life. Go Heroes!!

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