Since I finished training with coach on Friday I have been working out down the gym. I may have hurt my rib again although Doc things it may be just muscular next to that location. I am amazed by the conditioning my body has undergone in the last year. When I am injury free I automatically kickover on the first kickover of the morning and it is getting easier and easier to do. I can tell within six more months I will be able to lean back and slinky at any time of day or night.

I am heading over to Australia tomorrow to work with some specialists down there for three weeks on part of my conditioning so I am interested to see what results I will get down there. As my abs open more, my back gets stronger and more open and my shoulders continue to open I can see I will get to the point where Back Walkovers on the beam will be easy Maybe it is six months away as well, but doing these stretches every day is certainly altering my body permanently. It is also altering my posture. I have to be conscious of not slouching because the back is soooo flexible and the tendency is to lean back. Not until I look in the mirror do I realize how out of vertical alignment I am. (Front to Back).

I can now do kickovers, slinkies, front walkovers in airports too which is exciting and keeps me entertained. Soon it will be Back Walkover with the leg raised and slinkies with either foot. In a year it will be Back Walkovers on the beam and Back handsprings on the beam followed soon by Back Tucks.  

I am having one more session with coach in the morning so I look forward to the training and reporting back on my incredible results. Go Heroes!!

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