Step, Step, Step

I was up early and off to train at LA Fitness for an hour and a half before training with coach. I was able to do a little stretching and then bridged and kicked straight over. This is now three mornings in a row that I have been able to stretch a little and then do 3/3 kickovers. Why is that important? It is telling me my body conditioning is going great and the body is getting used to doing all the stretching and is building muscle memory and is not taking so long to warm up. It also tells me that if that is where it is when I first start then I am fully warmed it is in even better shape.

I did 5/5 Uplinkies (L-2) with no double kickovers which means I am ready to start on Upslinkies (L-3) which is where I was before I hurt my rib. I also did some front limber kickovers and back walkovers before leaving to go and train with coach.

I started doing tumbling with coach. We quickly worked up to back tucks and at a certain point he said go for it Bobbie and I went for it. I did five of them and they were not pretty but I landed on my feet 4/5 times I just need to punch up more rather than going back like a back handspring. We also did work on Front Handspring directly on the floor. Again coach set me loose and while I did not make it I went hard at 8 by myself which I am proud of.

We then worked on Standing Buck Tuck which I need to eventually be able to do on beam. Again got to punch up higher. U used to be able to do this before knee challenges and committed to getting back there and making it as part of my standard warm ups.

Lots of progress on bars with Clear Hip Circles. I even suprised coach as my kips are getting stronger allowing me to do an immediate cast. Lots more work to go but I like it when I can exceed coaches expectations for the day.

We then went on to leaps and hops which I need more assistance with especially on then beam. Finally I did some Back Extension Rolls which are looking great followed by Beam Handstands which were not the best I have done and again it is about continually going at it and suddenly you get results.

I just came back from my massage with Hector. He is incredible and I love getting massages with him. He does a lot of thai massage and deep tissue and spends two hours working on my body so I am looking forward to training tomorrow and seeing results. Loving Life. Go Heroes!!

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