Oh What a Pain!!

My rib is just frustrating right now. On the first of the year I was doing some kickovers off my wrong leg and I was so twisted in my spine that the torque rebroke my middle rib which had not really been a problem. Over three weeks it got a lot better and I then it appears I rebroke the lower one. My concern right now is that there is immense pain (like a break) on the rib to the back. It has never been a problem a before and now it is hurting when I turn and it hurts to cough. It is almost like I have three broken ribs at the moment. I am in Australia and was going to be competing in the Commonwealth Invitational but had to withdraw last week as I am not able to get my back fully flexible.

I am down here for fifteen days and while I am working on splits and other techniques and visiting my friend Anne-Marie Telford and helping the gymnastics camps I am jsut not getting the progress I was expecting.

Being hurt is so depressing for an athlete. We LOVE to train and not training at 100% just takes energy and is so demotivating. The good news is that I have brought my mini beam here and it is the same height as the stage in Clintons training room while I am here watching World Leader Videos I will be able to work a lot on beam handstands and beam back walkovers. I know I am going to love owning the Back Walkover skill on the beam. It is just a matter of time irregardless of the injury.

Oh well back to coaching the 7 years olds as they learn basic beam skills. Go Heroes!!

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