Breaking New Ground

It is amazing watching the journey unfold as I move from the impossible to consistent to effortless. I recently started working on Kickovers off the wrong leg. With the now healed ribs there is still a lot of tension in the body as I go off my off foot. Two weeks ago it was impossible. I had never even attempted it because I could not even do it off panel mats. Now I am doing 9-10 every morning and often I kick over cleanly and other times it takes me a couple of attempts. As my shoulders open up and my body conditions more I can clearly see it becoming effortless very quickly and even moving to doing Back Walkovers off the wrong leg.

I have also been working on Front Walkovers and doing ten every day. I am currently using spotters to make this happen and as my back continues to get conditioned I am going to be able to nail this technique. This technique really requires the ability to block off the hands and maintain the arch while moving through it to stand. I love it and it will end up joining my combos at some point.

My handstands are looking nice and while not as consistent as I would like I can do many nice handstands. I look forward to getting back to LA Fitness and drilling every day and also to be able to walk on my hands for 22+ steps. I am most excited about working with coach again. It tests me every time I need to go away from coach but I am very healthy and strong and am getting fitter and stronger every day. So looking forward to getting back.

Here is a picture of Rebecca Bross and the flexibility she has is amazing. I am working on getting this flexible as will. I will get there.

2 thoughts on “Breaking New Ground

  1. Hey there. Loved this post; it was relevant for me since I’ve been trying to do a back walkover recently. I have a question when it comes to back walkovers; my right leg is my stronger leg. Would I lift my right leg up and kick it over, keeping my left leg on the ground to push off with, or vice versa? (:

    • Hi Jade,
      I love doing back walkovers and do this now consistently. I lead with my left leg and then kick off the ground with my right leg. This is my strong combination. I am just now working on my other side which is significantly weaker. I can now do a back bend and then kick using my left leg with my right going over first. Back Walkovers will come in the next month using my off leg.
      I would lead with your left leg and use the right leg to kick for strength. There are two parts that are critical. The first is the power of the lead leg to drive over into the splits, the other is to kick using the remaining leg. Both are critical to go over.
      Hope that helps and hope you find my other articles interesting and helpful as well. ;o)

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