Returning to Peak Form

I made some great progress while I was in the UK on various stretches however my conditoning suffered severely. I was back at LA Fitness yesterday and today and am gradually getting back to series of Slinkies. Yesterday I could barely do a slinky, followed by a triple slinky and another triple slinky. Before I left I could do 4,6,9 from a cold start. Today I did 3,3,6. I can see within another three to five days of conditoning I will be back to the edge and pushing breakthroughs again. I am also working on my off slinkies. 20 days ago these were an impossibility. Today I am very frustrated when I only get 2/5. I will be back doing 5/5 and clean very shortly.

I also worked on Upslinkies. And did 5/5 up onto the 2 panel mat (L-2) and then got 2/5 onto the 3 panel mat (L-3). I can see this returning in the next five days as well. My back is doing great. I am still feeling some pressure around where the upper rib is healed where the calcium formed around the bone so I am taking it easy as I get back to full shape.

I then did two combos which were perfect but my body was pretty pired by them so I backed off and went to handstands. Just did not do as good as yesterday when I made 7/10. I did two nice 360 deg pirouettes and then did lots of Handstand walking. I am committed to getting much stronger at this as it is going to help in so many areas of balance on bars, beam and floor. I made 23 steps which was my second best. Yesterday I did 24 beating my previous best of 22. I can feel the difference in the hand posture, moving the feet and balance so I am constantly getting new distinctions which will lead to more breakthroughs this week. I can really see me getting 35-40 steps this week. It is on the near horizon.

I only spent three hours at LA Fitness today but my body just hasn’t got back to the conditioning level I need to go for 4-5 hours and not have injury. Tomorrow should be stronger and even more flexible and I can see some breakthroughs happening tomorrow and I am looking forward to seeing that.

Off to get more rest and then work on stretching on splits tonight and then plenty of sleep. I love it that my body is so strong and healthy. I just have muscle and bone crunching in my right shoulder from where the ribs healed leaving so much scar tissue. This too shall pass on my way to GOLD!!! Go Heroes!!!

P.S. Sending my blessings to Aliya Mustafina, the Russian champion gymnast and all around World Champion who blew her knee at the recent european championships and will miss Worlds and may miss the Olympics. I understand the challenges you face and send you all my love.

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