Another Goal Bites The Dust

I have been wanting to work on my offside for a while. For most gymnasts we have our strong side and we train that continuously and do not spend a lot of time working on the weak side. For me I have done literally thousands of techniques on my strong side and yet cannot even kickover off the floor on my weak side. It is not the flexibility based on the effortlessness of the strong side so it comes down to technique and strength.

Yesterday I just had a feeling that my back was in great shape and felt it was time to do it. Last time I did it at LA Fitness I broke one of my ribs badly. That time I also was doing it off panel mats and my body was very twisted as I had not had a chance to see Doc. This time I decidedĀ a change of technique and decided to just go for it off the floor and keep building up my strength. Yesterday I did 8 and failed and finally made it over on the 9th. First time ever I was exhausted and so excited.

This morning when I went to see if I could improve on it, I set the goal of kicking over three times. I started and failed and failed and failed. After 11 attempts I felt I would have been content with two. When I kicked over on the 12th I justified that any I did was assisting in conditioning. I then proceeded to kickover on the next seven in a row. So the final were 100% or 8/8. I think the body is finally allowing it to flow which is so exciting. The goal now is to cement it into the body and then start doing all the techniques such as Back Walkover and Front Limber Kickovers etc off either foot. So excited about where it is going. Loving Life. Go Heroes!!

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