The Coming Twist

I went down to train with coach this morning after watching Jordyn Weiber win gold in the World Gymnastics All Around. It was a great session first down at LA Fitness where I opened my back up ready for the day and worked on the splits. I then went to coach. He insisted that before I go onto beam again that I get my front leg on the Walkover straight and not moving to the side at all. We did ten of those. My body can do it, it is still a mental process of the body looking for backup options. From this point forward only good form will count.

We then went onto vault where coach said. “Are you ready to vault onto the mat instead of the pit Bobbie?” Of course coach. I landed every vault and many of them I stuck perfectly. I have a lot more technique to work on before he lets me add a twist. I need to run faster, hit the board at near vertical, block harder AND land in pencil form rather than with an arch. That being said I am one step closer to doing the twist. In effect I landed the Level 6 vault today about 16 times with deductions for form so in effect we are really building a more solid foundation for the Level 7 vault. It will happen. I would love to start that coversation next week and maybe even twist my first vault into the pit before this block is out.

I then went onto back tumbling on the floor. Coach has again raised the bar. Looks like we are going to go back to doing Back Tucks on the floor but coach will not let me do it until the Round off, Front Handspring is stronger and more consistent. I did a god group of those and then 2 Back Handsprings they were stronger but need to be tighter.

I then went onto Back Handspring series which are getting tighter and then went to doing it on the floor. I made some adjustments and did my best work to date. Back Tucks were OK but not my best. We then went to bars where I turned in a solid performance working and refining all the skills. My Hands are good so I may be able to train bars tomorrow as well.

We then finished up doing the floor routine three times without the tumbling. A lot of this is conditioning and stamina where I have more work to do. Overall it was a great day. I felt strong and even though my knee was under pressure twice and previoulsy would have taken it badly it just shook it off and kept going with zero impact. I LOVE having a healthy body. Training again tomorrow and looking forward to getting more results. I am loving training four times a week. To tomorrow with a coming twist. Go Heroes!!

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