The Russian Ratchet

I was reading a couple of months ago about the Russian nmethods of training and they have a term called the ‘Russian Ratchet’. Which is how to track progress across so many different skills. The goal is to get progression in some form in everything that gets worked on. If you are getting 10-15 different small distinctions and improvements per day of training then it adds up very quickly. A lesson may be

  • Completing a new skill
  • Adding on to a new skill
  • Completing a skill faster
  • Completing a skill with better quality
  • Doing more of the same skill than before
  • Doing the skill longer than before

I notice that when I look at all my progresses I focus on the same improvements every day. Today was an amazing day down at L.A. Fitness. I made I sure I had five hours sleep so I had the strength. I went down there with my mini beam and began to warm up. It did not take very long before I was ready for my first technique. I decided to go for an OctoSlinky as my goal. Well I got to eight and felt great and kept going. I ended up getting to a Decaslinky. As my first technique of the morning this is incredible and a testament of how open my back is and shoulders. I had been talking about this with Doc and said sometime soon I am going to do a Decaslinky to start. Well been there done that.

Next I did my Rockerbridges and I can feel how much closer my feet are getting to me hands. It might be another couple of months but I am sure I am going to be able to get my grab my own feet at some point. That will be a huge step forward and how me flexible my back has truly become. All the work with Heather Meglasson poking between my ribs with her little device is incredible in allowing me to open the ribs.

I then did my other techniques and kept adding on, tweaking, improving them all. I got breakthroughs on all but one technique today and I can see how much more I am going to be able to get over the next couple of days. It is great having my back in such excellent shape. My handstands are getting stronger and longers and I can now do pirotettes into bridges which is great. I almost had a record of handwalking as well and know I will break my best soon.

Also my split machine has arrived and I love it. It assists with the sideways splits. I have already sat in it for a while and as I do that every day I am finally going to be able to do my sidesplits. I look forward to posting pictures of my progress.

Life is amazing. Go Heroes!!

2 thoughts on “The Russian Ratchet

  1. I really like that model Bobby Sue
    Yet again it’s about knowing what you want as an end result and going for it, taking action is massive
    and taking on the responsibly of just doing it. I guess drilling is the thing to improve constantly and continuously. To always have focus and determination.

    Amazing I have seen you train and you have all of that you are an inspiration I tell you.

    Happy training.

    • It is amazing watching progression happen almost every day. Progression, progression. I look forward two years ahead, five years ahead and I am blown away by what I am going to be able to accomplish in that time. I have seen how my body has changed over that time and with more conditioning it is only to get fitter, stronger, improve balance and speed. I am doing things now that were impossible not so long ago. Congrats on your new company name too!!!
      Love Bobbie-Sue

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