Born This Way

I am so excited. I went into train with coach this morning and my back was feeling great before I even started with him it was wide open at home. When I arrived Coach said he had chosen some floor music for me. He put it on and it was the instrumental (of course) version of Born This Way by Lady Gaga. I LOVE Lady Gaga and we often train to her music. It sounds great and he has already started mapping the floor routine to it. Paula then came in. She is the co owner of Elite Gymnastics and then Coach put it on for her. Within three seconds she was smiling and she gave it her endorsement. Fantastic. I am so excited to be training to this music. It will entirely change my perspective of floor now.

I recently ordered a Split Machine which assists you to do the splits. It should arrive the beginning of next week. The side splits has been a challenge for me and this is going to allow me to sit in the splits and read books and even type on the computer while the body is gradually stretching. It should be awesome so I will let you know.



I also have new covers coming out. I have already seen the cover of Coach Magazine and there are five more covers still to come. I will dispaly them very shortly and put them in the Media section as well.

I had an awesome session with coach. We did great work on the front handsprings as well as the tumbling. Made some great distinctions and tomorrow we will be doing more on the floor so we can move to doing Layouts shortly. Good progress on Front Tucks and Back Extension Rolls.

I then went to bars and made fantastic progress there as well. An important distinction around pulling on the bars allowed me to make great progress in conecting the Kip, Cast, Squat On and Long Hand Kip. Easily my best set so far. I was then working on Kip, Cast and Kip and was able to get close to connecting this. This will lead shortly to Kip, Cast, Clear Hip Circle, Kip, Squat On which is the first part of the Level 6 Bar Routine. On Level 7 I will be doing it Kip to Handstands so I need to get a stronger pull to be able to get up into the handstands.

Afterwards I went and saw Doc and she was dewp into my shoulder with her elbow and grinding deep into the muscles so as the break up scar tissue and glueiness in that area. She then had one look at me do a cat yoga posture and immediately started going deep in the gluteus tissue and boy was it tender. I had not even noticed. She has found a new critical area to work on. As she was adjusting my upper back there was an awesome triple click and I immediately felt the extra freedom in it. Even as I type now the back feels so much more open. I love Doc. She is such a miracle worker.

Looking forward to another great day. Only twelve more with coach this block and then off to competitions again. Go Heroes!!

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