BAM..Three in a Row

I have been making massive progress in so many areas. The biggest area coach and I have been focusing on is front handsprings. This technique has caused issues for 2 years and twisted me knee 7 times. The fear was real as I kept hurting myself. For the last three months I have been working with coach on the floor and coming off a springboard and if you read recent posts you can read about the challenges and progress. Well yesterday coach got me to start on the blocks again and very quickly we regained good form and then he said lets take it to the floor. I was reluctant but trusting and sure enough after a couple of survival turns I was able to make one and then made 6/7. Going to do more today to get it into the body.

I was working on back handsprings as well and then standing back tucks which will  be going to be floor very soon as well. Then coach said lets got for Front Tucks. So I was able to do that on the padded tumbltrak very quickly and he goes lets test something Bobbie. I want to see Front Tuck followed by a rebound in anticipation of Front Tuck-Front Tuck (which is going to be my Level 8 Floor Front pass)  Sure enough I was able to get the rebound and so we started work on it. I did not get the second Front Tuck it looked more like a Front Tuck diving somersault but the principle is there to build upon and I will get this very quickly. I love it.

I then got to have a photo shoot for some more magazine requests. Jennie Edwards my angel photographer came in and did a photo with myself and coach for ‘Coach’ magazine. We also did five more covers for other magazines as well. It was fantastic and I am so looking forward to seeing the proofs. Thanks Jennie.

My flexibility is increasing. One of me PST (Physical Support Team) Heather who does massage has this incredible tool for assisting in breaking up scar tissue so twice a week I get to lay in an bridge with my ribs wide open snd she gets to work all the small muscles between the  ribs and using this decide break up and remove the scar tissue. Yesterday she came across this big knot of tissue and worked on it for a couple of minutes and by the end of it it was gone. I then stood up with assistance and WOW could I feel the ribs opening up even more. It feels comfortable and as the muscles get worked and trained they will be able to handle the extra workload. So I am expecting even more breakthroughs today. Go Heroes!!

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