BAM..And that makes two!!

Another great day down at the gym. My rib was playing up a little and rather than push it I decided to focus on handstands and other techniques. I upped my handstand requirement to 3z from 2z and still got 3/10 which was great. So this was huge progress. I then did some average pirouette turns and then began work on Beam handstands. I have hit a key distinction and that is to focus on getting the feet together. When I focus on that I have a MUCH stronger chance of hitting great form and being able to hold it to 1z. My first set was mediocre but was next set was 5/10 which is incredible.

I followed that with Press Handstands. So much of this is the kickup which at the moment I need to do. In time there will be no kick and it will be totally controlled through strength and balance. I started off with much higher expectations than yesterday and still only made one completely to handstand (1z) but many others were strong showing me the technique is improving. This is now going to be an automatic part of my regular workouts.

I then did my handstand walks which were good but not spectacular. It is important conditoning because the more steps I can take on my hands in good form the faster I am going to be able to do 100 steps. Which is my best big goal (after 50).

I then did a lot of other techniques to be back in doing them down the gym as well. There is so much I need to work on to get where I want to but then if I look back at all the hard work I put in every day I can see the results. Techniques I take for granted today were impossible months ago. Discipline and rigor are the keys to accomplishing miracles in your life and do not judge the daily ups and downs. They are an inevitable part of success. Just understand success will come with time. To success and beyond. Go Heroes!!!

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