Pushing the Edge

Back in Jan I was at the point where my back was just in amaing shape and I was did 5/5 Upslinkies onto the 3 panel mat (L-3) before hurting myself again. Only yesterday I got back to doing 5/5 Upslinkies on the two panel mat. I did that today as well and went for the 3 panel mat. I failed. I failed. I failed. I failed again. Then I made it. Ahh. The joy of pushing my boundaries and getting back there. I can see that I am very close to returning to the greatest flexibility I have ever had.

Also my back is so conditioned now that my warm includes some cobra stretches for five minutes followed by slinkies. Yesterday I did a Slinky followed by a Quad Slinky followed by an Octoslinky. When I went in this morning I felt strong so I decided to go for a Double Slinky right off the bat. Made it. Then did a Pentaslinky also a personal best and then did an Octoslinky (failed going for a Nanoslinky).

After that I did my three combos although I did double kick on one technique. I also got to focus on why my arm comes out on a standup. Will pay more attention to that. I then went onto Beam Slinkies which I double kicked on a couple of them but on the fifth one I did a Beam Slinky straight into a BWO. Huge progress in combining techniques.

I then worked on getting my right leg going for kickovers. Rather than doing it off the panel mats which is where I hurt myself before from being so twisted I changed strategy. I decided to do a backbend and then simply raise the right leg up five times and get used to the motion and as it gets more comfortable I will then docus on doing that while kicking with the left leg and eventually if I do that every morning as well it will get to the point where I will be able go over effortlessly. I love this strategy and know it will beam fruit with the focus I now have and my back in such great condition.

Next I did handstands and just had an average day with these until I started to do walking. I did fantastic and did my longest walk (19 steps) and did the highest average walk on my hands. Being able to walk on your hands is all about control and body shapes and strength and balance. It was critical to get good form in handstands before starting to walk on them, so I am ready no. My goal is to be able to spend five minutes walking around on my hands around LA Fitness and do a course on the ground including turns, splits and other handstand postures ie stag. Big goal but I am up for it. There was lots more stretching as well on all splits which are all coming along well.

So exciting. I get to have another great day of training at LA Fitness tomorrow before going to see Doc and then training really early on Tues with coach from 4:30am-7:30am. It was the only time we could do because we had to be out for a summer camp starting at 7:30. I love my coach so much. He is the best.


  • First Double Slinky as first technique in morning
  • Most slinkies in morning (Opening Technique)
  • First Beam Slinky followed by BWO
  • First blind Back Bend
  • Best results for Bridge Lifts using Right leg
  • Longest Handstand Walk (19 steps)
  • Highest Average Handstand Steps (8.4) over 10 walks
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