On The Verge

I watched the Visa Nationals today and it was amazing to watch. The turning point that made me decide to train for London was Nastia Luikin in Jan 2009 declaring she was training for 2012. I watched her closely for the last four years. She only started getting real about 6 months ago and it looks like she left it too late. As the Olympic Champion in All Around was the best in 2008 but a quadrennium is a LOOONG time especially when you sit out three years. Shawn Johnson retired. Chelsea Memmels petition to attend Nationals was denied. Alicia Sacramone just is not up to scratch. Rebecca Bross is behind with knee issues and Bridget Sloan is solid but just not up to the current level. The new girls Wieber, Douglass, Moroney, Ross, Raisman just look unbeatable as a team right now.

I was so excited after watching Nationals that I went down to LA Fitness to train. I felt good. Really good. I ended up doing 111 Back Walkover Techniques beating my best by 7 but that was not my goal. That was a side benefit. I started working on Back Walkovers in beam position meaning my hands have to side by side versus shoulder width apart. I slowly moved them together and within a short time I had them fully in beam position. I then did 45 of them. My back was flexing like a champion and I felt new distinctions today I have never felt before. All the work from Heather in opening up my abs and thighs and Dr Michelle opening up my spine is coming together AND I know it can still open further.

One of my goals this year is to do Back Walkovers on the beam and then start doing the ground work for Back Handsprings on the beam. This was one of those things that was going to be a huge physical challenge and incredible scary but now feeling where my back is the fear is starting to diminish. Watching them at Nationals I have new distinctions I did not have before and that is not making it nearly as scary.

I will be training for RIO. That is only four years and six weeks away and I have so much to do but it will be so worth it to see how good I can get in that time. Loving all that I am doing and even though I have some challenges I am getting better in so many ways. Loving Life. Go Heroes!!

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