Mastery: Clocking Hours

There has been a lot of research that shows that to reach mastery at anything you have to clock over 10,000 hours using the deliberate practice or in the terms of Frontier ‘Training’ meaning you are under the watchful eye of another either a coach or peer or a video recorder that can give you feedback. I look at the amount of hours I am clocking at the moment and what I am going to need to reach Gold and it is just not enough. I am training hours at the gym in the morning and then working with coach directly after it and I look at all the work I have to do and compare that to the girls who are already competition ready. Shawn Johnson has redeclared and as a GOLD medallist needs to get back in competition form, Nastia is powering her way back towards gold medal form and then you have all the younger girls who are looking for their space on the team.

I am sharing this because today was one of those days that I clocked five hours but did not make a lot of progress. I got my tumbling back on the floor rather than on the Tumbl Track which is great and my work on the strap bars is pushing things along. I did some good work on beam with my passe turns but today just felt Blah. More like I was going through the motions that actually pushing the envelope. Having studied world leaders I understand that for a master not every piece is going to break new ground or be a masterpiece. Sometimes it is just doing the work and realizing as you get through those days then you will back to the days where everything is clicking.

I know for me I NEED five hours solid uninteruppted sleep to be able to have the strength to kickover effectively. If I have less even though my spirit may be high my body does not have the energy to kickover, let alone heavy tumbling, jumping, leaps etc.

I am excited about the progress I am making and if I look back at what I am doing even through all the setbacks, blah days and challenges I am accomplishing way more than everyone thought I would. I am committed to going for gold, but I equally know that so much of it is in the journey. I have learned so much about myself, who I am under pressure and what happens when it is all on the line. I love every single day. I love the great days, the average days and even the sad days because my life is one full of blessings.

I have just got out of the Jacuzzi, washed my hair and going to sit down to a big healthy salad. Life is Great and tomorrow is a brand new day. Go Heroes!!

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