Catch a Break

I had an outstanding year in 2011 with almost no injuries and was able to train hard and make a lot of progress. On the morning before Christmas I was training and rebroke one of my ribs. A real pain. Christmas was very frustrating and moving at half speed and every time I moved it hurt. I spent a lot of Christmas wrapped up on the couch drinking hot chocolate and being nursed by by Mom and unwrapping presents. Kenny’s dad sent over a couple of nice presents for our new house we are getting. We have both committed not to get married until after the Olympics as I need to focus but we can’t wait.

After about four days I was back at the gym pushing harder and harder and then I got to train with coach and began twisting my vaults which was so exciting and an awesome present from coach. Soon after I got my longest ever handstand, best ever set of handstands, best Double Switch Stag handstand and lots of other results. I also started working on the slits and getting on the treadmill again and then the next day Jan 1 I hurt the joint again. I trained with coach this morning but was operating at about 60% but aggravated it even more. It felt like someone was punching me in the ribs and a small move could make me wince. I hate this feeling.

I have since seen Doc and been on my Amethyst Crystal bed which vibrates at a high level especially when heated and it has removed a lot of the pain. I have told coach to have the day off tomorrow and the plan is to come back on Thursday. I am going to be seeing Doc tomorrow and Wednesday as well. I want this behind me as I have so much to work on.

Today I was able to do my beam routine for the first time including the front tuck dismount. It is such a good feeling and even though I was falling on some of the techniques it is still a step forward. The front tucks have come a long way and I landed some really good ones and I know this will be a strength going forward.

Time to get more rest and get back to 100%. Pain is part of gymnastics so I will heal and move on. Looking forward to an amazing 2012. Go Heroes!!

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