Wheel of Progress

The wheel of progress moves slowly but it keeps moving forward. It has been frustrating watching my limitations emerge because of the buised foot. Couldn’t vault, tumble do my leaps.  I did not get to sleep well last night so my back flexibility was not good either this morning and feeling a little sorry for myself. When I arrived at 6:30 at Elite Gymnastics coach and I began on bars. We made a lot of progress on the Level 6 Bar Routine. My kips are looking nice and strong and the focus is getting tighter on the Cast-Push-Glide-Kip. The body is under enormous pressure moving around the bat and the body has to be able to handle it. As coach keeps saying ‘Tighter is Lighter’ meaning the tighter you are the easier and smoother you move.

I ripped my hands four times this morning on bars and then we rotated to beam. Did work on handstands, cartwheels (they sucked on beam today) and focused more work on the Level 5 Beam Routine. I will be working back walkovers on beam tomorrow with coach spotting as my back will be ready and the gym will not be so cold.

I am also looking at doing my Level 4 Floor routine finally tomorrow as the foot will be better and back warmed up. Big news is that coach has insisted we start work on Giants. We need Baby Giants for Level 6 and Greg who owns the gym and is an ex-gymnast himself said to Coach that if I am going to work Baby Giants I should actually work Giants (Level 7) and then come back to Baby Giants. So Exciting. I will be doing it on strap bars before the week is out.

It is only when you look back at how many times that wheel has gone around do you realize you have  come a long way. I break new ground almost every day and when I stay the same or slide back a week it is devastating but three weeks ago the current poor performance would have been a dream. Ah the joy of rapid skill acquisition.

So much more to do in my quest for Gold in London but I am committed, every day in being the best I can be. While I am training most the Heroes are going in to the studio to record our new song called ‘Rivalry – Bring It Home’.  I am so looking forward to hearing it and choreographing our next routine to it.

Life is so amazing and I feel so blessed. Kenny brought home a big bunch of flowers for me last night. The card said ‘To My World Champion. I Love You Forever!’. He is so sweet. We are heading over to England to be with my soon to in-laws for Christmas but in the meantime three more days with coach. Go Heroes!!!

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  1. Bobbie Sue, Every day is a breakthrough for you. You exceed coaches expectation every time. And you do this while travelling all around the world, with essentially little coach training time. You are amazing! You can do it Bobbie Sue! You are an inspiration and I celebrate all your successes with you!
    Big Hugs, Dr. Michelle

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